Game Theory: Is Minecraft Netherite From SPACE?

  • Publicado el 3 dic 2021
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    Welcome back to our series about the secret lore of Minecraft. Today we are unlocking the history of Netherite and the Piglins. What is their connection? Where did Netherite come from? That and more in today's episode!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
    Editors: AbsolutePixel and Tyler Mascola
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Comentarios • 8 984

  • Septavian

    MatPat is like autofill, giving us the questions AND answers we never knew we needed.

  • Harry ハリー

    The achievement "Those were the days" Can be unlocked by going to a nether bastion this may refer to the old days they lived when they had netherite

  • Cosmink
    Cosmink  +503

    A certain stick figure once told me that "hexagons are the bestagons" so to hear that a space gem is stronger than a diamond because of its hexagonal structure formed by three times the amount of heat and pressure of a normal diamond further proves this statement.

  • Command_Flo

    Someone should make a animated series about this events in cronological order.

  • Alex Zhao
    Alex Zhao  +201

    I feel like netherite may actually act as a form of catalyst that rearranges the carbon atoms in diamond to form a harder structure - which is why a diamond base item is required

  • GenoTaku
    GenoTaku  +68

    Matpat: diamond is the hardest material on earth

  • TimeBucks

    I always love these Minecraft theories.

  • Ian GamerBoy

    Game theory talking about how netherite is the strongest

  • Platinium Trophie Star

    i imagine minecraft adding a piglin boss to the story, it would really fit.

  • MJ RULE!
    MJ RULE!  +40

    mojang: we want them to figure it out by themselves"

  • BlankSpace MonsterASMR

    Man Matpat is going to have a hay day when the Ancient Cities, Deep Dark, Warden, and Archaeology update comes out soon

  • Kirbo
    Kirbo  +5

    Mojang actually confirmed this theory with a splash text that read: “it came from space.”

  • Bennetta M.

    Matpat slowly piecing together the lore is the most satisfying thing to watch.

  • Silversnake Productions

    Theory: The Piglins don't build because that way of life has been lost to them after their war because now, they only have to hunt and not build elaborate fortresses anymore.

  • Thiosian
    Thiosian  +17

    when 1.16, the nether update, came out you where able to find netherite gear in bastions. however it was removed through pressure from the community due to it being "overpowered", which it kinda was. but this offers more proof to your theory. they don't use the gear in the chest because of the fear that it might break and then they would be defenseless with ought their superweapon

  • IronGav
    IronGav  +6

    Great theory, MatPat, absolutely love where all these things are going. I think the next thing you should do a theory on (keeping with the topic of the nether) is the Ghast and the Blaze. Don't know how you're going to do it, but I'd love to see what you can find! I'll be trying to find some stuff about it as well.

  • Gerry Donohoe

    I love all these theories but I disagree with the idea of piglins being somewhat connected to actual pigs. I think mojang at first intended this to be true because they looked very similar and pigs that were struck by lightning became pigmen. But now piglins dont resemble pigs as much and the lightning feature seems to be more of an Easter egg. I think the piglins are GOBLINS! This explains the name change and the lust for gold. I reckon the ancient civilisation nicknamed them piglins because of the grunting noise the greediness and the snout features. That means that the piglins are the original inhabitants of the nether! Another thing to take into consideration is if piglins evolved to adapt the harsh nether environment then how come hoglins evolved differently. I think hoglins are actually the evolved pigs which explains why piglins are ok eating them. And if the ancient civilisation fed them nether wart it would explain why they are attracted to crimson fungus since it's similar in shape and colour.

  • Barely Breathing

    I can't wait to see the new strongholds in a more buried city-like setting with the warden protecting it like in one of the most recent trailers. that, I think, will hold some amazing lore hints

  • Axelplayz

    I can just imagine how old matpat would be when finishing this lore. The complete story. No fakes, No suprises, That would be it. How I desperately wait for that day.

  • Poultry Man

    "Which is even stronger than the cubic structure of diamond"