How DEADLY is Master Chief's Punch? | The SCIENCE of... Halo Infinite

  • Publicado el 5 ene 2022
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    Theorists, have you ever played Halo and wondered "why does Master Chief need to punch when he has all these other powerful weapons at his disposal"? Well that reason is Austin. Today, Austin is going to talk about his favorite power move, Master Chief's deadly punch! How powerful is it? Watch to find out!
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Comentarios • 4 550

  • M1 MOB
    M1 MOB  +4

    Friendly reminder: the armor suit itself also moves like a body, the suit actually reacts faster than the body does in the lore. This 1000 pound suit basically punches for you on top of your punch. Also Spartans often melee with the weapons they are holding, meaning A: they are hitting with a heavier object than their hand and B: the object is also significantly sturdier

  • Colin Looby

    This is in line with the first ever canonical book written about halo, "The Fall of Reach", in which 14 year old Master Chief gets into a fight with several ODSTs (Navy Seals) and WITHOUT ARMOR shatters their bones and organs with every punch

  • Zachary Easley

    All Spartan-II’s have augmented skeletal systems that extremely hard to break, so all the numbers are actually higher than what was calculated in the video.

  • Jason C
    Jason C  +274

    Reminded of…

  • Jacob Medrano

    Here is just another thing to note; “While many of the astounding feats of strength and fortitude Chief performs in the Mark V can be accomplished by the player in Halo, there are several actions detailed in expanded lore that the player cannot replicate. Particularly, battling a huge Elite in hand-to-hand combat in space, sprinting at 66mph after taking a huge beating and surviving a frontal assault from a Hunter even after having his shields depleted by its fuel rod cannon are things that would instantly kill the player in the original game.”

  • Cameron Gunn

    I remember reading somewhere in the Lore that while John and the other Spartan for training, they were put up against what amounts to a armored exosuit. From what I remember they were leaving dents and peeling away parts of the metal armor with their bare hands.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    What's more impressive is the fact that Chief can literally punch vehicles until they explode, maybe calculate how much force it'd take to blow up a tank engine from sheer punching alone?

  • Dird
    Dird  +224

    The elephant in halo 3 can be flipped, let’s assume that the nameless spartan you play as in multiplayer is at the same strength as chief because they punch with the same strength. The elephant weighs in at 205 tonnes, or 205000 kg. The amount of force needed to flip it is that times gravity (9.8 m/s2). If you multiply 9.8 by 205000, you get a grand amount of 2,009,000 newtons. FAR bigger than what you calculated, around 35 times it. He can break someones spine effortlessly.

  • Guy Man
    Guy Man  +46

    Keep in mind his bones without the armor would be fine if he punched full force. His bones are insanely strong from the augmentations

  • mariano torres

    the guy had aumented reflexes, muscle mass and bones hardened with some kind of crazy alloy, also the armor basically had plates from interstellar ships, and the electronic (memory and processing) in the range of an interstellar ship, also the guy once punched a missile from the longsword bomber directed to him and destroy the thing and survive the explosion. So yeah he can blow your head from one punch and his bones will endure the impact no problem.

  • Michael Dart

    As I recall another ESclipsr covered this and accurately calculated that the chiefs unarmored punch is the equivalent of being hit by a truck going 65mph

  • kegan fisk

    The punch wouldn’t crush chiefs hand because, according to the lore, their bones are enhanced with a ceramic covering as well so their bones are way stronger

  • WigWoo1
    WigWoo1  +964

    Master Chief hand wouldn't even break if he punched you because during the augmentation process every bone in his body is replaced with metal titanium. The book says their bones are completely Unbreakable

  • RapidCarnage752

    Mjlnior armor actually boosts a Spartans strength by five times.

  • Random Ramblings

    The punch to the knees could possibly work due to the force of the punch "ricocheting" inside the armor, kinda the same way concussions hurt the brain. If you were to obliterate the large arteries that run through the legs then you die within a couple minutes cuz each heartbeat would just empty into nothing and wouldn't be sending any at all back to the heart

  • Chadwick Taylors

    A fun thing to note is that the sniper shoots a discarding sabot round, around 150 gram dart at 1350-1500 m/s.

  • Acon104
    Acon104  +18

    actually, the force of the wearer of the mjolnir amor is not multiplied by 2, its multiplied by five ( it was said in the fall of reach movie)

  • Dartcolors10

    He's also hitting with elbows, weapons, and melee such as the energy sword and grav hammer, meaning that's more force in a smaller area

  • Hybbridd
    Hybbridd  +481

    The worst apart this, however, is that John’s augmentations make his bones nearly indestructible to anything short of a tank shell, so even if he punches you without his armor, you’re still dying but his hands will be fine.

  • Swifttech360

    One, in fall of reach, it is confirmed that the suit multiplies strength by a factor of five, not two.