Game Theory: Play and be REBORN! (Courage The Cowardly Dog ARG)

  • Publicado el 19 mar 2022
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    Theorists, it's time to go down another creepy rabbit hole... Welcome to the "cancelled" Courage the Cowardly Dog game that seems to be hiding a scary secret. What is hiding in this lost game? I think this is going to be scarier than a Courage the Cowardly dog episode...
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick, Ryan Sheehan (El Fodder), Zach Stew and Tom Robinson
    Editors: AbsolutePixel, Ryan Foley • KingCorphish, Pedro Freitas, and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
    Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Comentarios • 8 603

  • Kuro Takamichi

    Courage might be a scary show, but you got to admit that there are touching moments in the show. Especially for the fact that Courage loves his family so much that he willingly do the things he's scared of

  • chocobroly857

    It’s real sad that as after a bit that this was released, Muriel’s actual VA passed away. Here’s hoping Nathan includes an “In memory of” when you boot up the new version of the game he’s working on

  • Bunny Bro

    I can imagine Courage diving into the new ARG saying "The things I do for love"

  • Toppz
    Toppz  +921

    My god, that thin Robert Wheeler asset is one of the most terrifying things I've ever seen

  • TheAnnualAntagonist

    "There's no such thing as perfect, you're beautiful as you are, Courage, with all your imperfections, you can do anything." T'was a memorable episode

  • Aeroga
    Aeroga  +131

    Is it possible that the symbol for Old Wind is the letters for Old Wind layered on top of each other in a strange angular font? Which makes it look like a pentagram?

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    MatPat using Eustace at the end as an example to advertise "Keeps" is one of the most clever things I've seen him do

  • Whgu ybnm

    MatPat just takes the line " It was her , Eleanor ." with almost 2 to 3 meanings and gives it 1 particular meaning .

  • Melissa Heaney

    Here's something I thought about: Eleanor and Robert sounded a lot like Muriel and Eustace. Muriel was just being nice and knew better about causing trouble, a parallel to Eleanor following the rules of the Old Wind. Eustace, meanwhile, was greedy and would only think of himself, not caring about the consequences; he usually died or earned some severe punishment. Robert was the same, using the Old Wind to find immortality, leading to his punishment of becoming a monster. Just a thought, but I wonder if it means anything.

  • Czarina Florence D. Florendo

    I suggest looking at the places where the data missing screens are, maybe that'll give us more of a clue of what happened

  • Ara Helena Sophie Zimling Westh

    I can promise that it reached into the start 2000’s, I was born in 2003 and still remember watching it and having nightmares, it was awesome

  • wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiu  +65

    Man, the jump scare at

  • Comical Realm Animations

    Fun fact: Courage's dialogue decreased after the first season. This is because the creators at Cartoon Network thought Courage "talked too much" and wanted his dialogue cut short.

  • Player Unkown

    I admired the show even if it was terrifying its just i can feel something that i cant explain i had fun watching it and glad to see there was a game

  • Luca Gonzalez

    I loved this show as a child so much it was crazy. I genuinely cried when I heard about Courage's backstories and his parents being shot up to the moon thinking about how sad it would be without my parents. I think the show made me a little more grateful after I finished that episode.

  • StarSilverInfinity

    MatPat: Mentions a shark animatronic offhandedly

  • UltraJacksgaming

    Theory idea: With the sequel on the way I think we should start theorizing about the pine tree filled goat infested waters of do you copy, starting with a summary of what we have in the game for lore currently

  • riyu
    riyu  +11

    The whole show felt like a fever dream.

  • Katya Oren

    The crazy thing about this IMO is that Thea White who voiced Muriel had actually passed away before MATPAT played this so the memorial for Muriel felt pretty sweet.

  • Isaak Wilkes

    Hey! I just barely found this channel, and LOVE it! The only downside, I often end up clicking on theory videos halfway through the theory series! Do you think you could start numbering your videos, so those unfortunate enough to miss previous ones won't get spoilers?