Game Theory: FNAF, Don't Trust Gregory (FNAF Security Breach)

  • Publicado el 31 dic 2021
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    Theorists, it's finally time for a Five Nights At Freddy's Security Breach theory. Well, a post-release FNAF Security Breach theory. Don't worry, I will be covering EVERYTHING I can find. The biggest thing I want to talk about today, however, is Gregory. The young boy that we play as throughout the whole game is a big mystery and I intend to solve it! Who is he? Why is he there after hours? Is he even HUMAN? It's time to dive back into FNAF!
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  • zero
    zero  +4

    imagine scott actually doesnt know the timeline so he just watches the theories and makes it while watching it


    Matpat: so let's focus on the first living child in a franchise full of dead kids

  • lil chaos

    Another thing to add; what does the name 'Gregory' mean? If the name Cassidy helped tie that character to Andrew in the books, then maybe names aren't random in this series either. And what do you know, Gregory is the English version of the name Gregorios which means "to be awake". Gregory, in this theory, is the Crying Child literally "awake" from death, from what many call the eternal sleep. And what do we always see with the Crying Child? A child too scared to go to bed is depicted as always awake and stays awake until 6am.

  • Alphy Adventures Studios

    MatPat: No one just gets randomly wrapped into this.

  • Alice
    Alice  +237


  • WhAtEver
    WhAtEver  +60


  • In The Moonlight

    Regardless of what

  • kylie kins

    Also, In the 'True Ending', when Glamrock Freddy is trying to fight off William from 'hacking' him, and all the while, Freddy is reminding Gregory to check the vents and close the doors. And Micheal was the security guard.

  • NathanKO
    NathanKO  +309

    William:I always come back

  • Firemaker125

    The “I feel you are broken” line originally was related to Freddy detecting Gregory bleeding. I think they changed it to make it more kid friendly.

  • TheAdvertisement

    Love that Gregory being the crying child technically means he still is the first living child in the FNaF series.

  • cipherresonance


  • T. R.
    T. R.  +4

    Gregory: “I’m… Gregory.”

  • WhereisGamora

    I can just hear markiplier yelling “THE LOREEEEEEE” 💀

  • ifollowrivers

    This theory is both emotionally and narratively satisfying. Honestly, if this turns out to not be true, it should be.

  • SkylightCiel

    Even though I think this theory is a little iffy, I think the idea that Greggory and Glamrock Freddy are there to thematically give closure to the crying child and Micheal Afton to be a really cool storyline that I hope is true.

  • DarkBeat
    DarkBeat  +269

    When Freddy says that he feels that Gregory is broken, he means that he thinks that Gregory is physically hurt. The reason that I think that, is because in the game files, there is lines of Freddy saying “I feel you are bleeding” instead of “I feel you are broken.” The reason this changed was because it was too “gory,” even though it’s already teen lmao

  • Zachary Langford
    Zachary Langford Hace 14 días +4

    I have to be honest, while watching MatPat's playthrough, I originally thought that his theory about Gregory being an animatronic was quite farfetched. But, after having my own first blind playthrough of Security Breach, I reconsidered every secret and lore reveal I found on my own. And now seeing this video and all of its evidence, I was pretty convinced of this theory being right.

  • Jamison 5494

    Once this series ends you know you’ve gotta dedicate a full episode to just running down the entire story right? Like that’s gotta be a requirement

  • Epic Gamer

    Gregory also got extremely excited when he realized he could take parts out of the other animatronics and install them into Freddy to help him, even though Freddy didn’t want to