Game Theory: Please Come Home... (Andy's Apple Farm)

  • Publicado el 11 dic 2021
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    Welcome back to the special corner of Game Theory reserved for the cute games that have a deadly darkness hiding just under the surface. Today, we are talking about Andy's Apple Farm. I played this over on GTLive and knew I had to make a theory. There is some creepy stuff hiding in this game. Get your flashlights ready Loyal Theorists, this is about to get DARK!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
    Editors: Jerika (NekoOnigiri), Koen Verhagen, and Tyler Mascola
    Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Comentarios • 9 010

  • M36Games
    M36Games  +26

    I’ve been watching Game Theory for the past like 8 years I never thought i would see the day MatPat would cover my game!!!! :D I’m literally crying rn

  • HaxsenDoesThings

    Matpat is literally a christmas present if you're a indie game dev. The best thing to happen if you're a indie game dev is matpat making a theory about your game.

  • Astro Chaos

    Even without the creepy lore, Andy’s friends steal his keys, make him do meaningless tasks, then lock him up in a barn with a creepy pumpkin

  • Care Weese

    What I like about Andy's apple farm is the fact that, unlike alot of horror games, the protagonist is actually aware that the things that are happening aren't normal and he questions things

  • •Ava•
    •Ava•  +466

    This game is hilarious tho-

  • KC
    KC  +1

    It’s amazing how a game that looks so innocent has one of the most terrifying lores I’ve ever seen

  • Tafffee
    Tafffee  +318

    Making a game like this must be so confusing. If there is a bug, you have to try and remember if you intended it or not

  • EnderTeimant

    The most horrifying thing about this game is the fact that Margaret is a mole

  • OfficialV5Miku

    Security breach:

  • Joseph Phillips

    Louis’ face is still one of the scariest parts of the game for me .

  • cucumber
    cucumber  +73


  • yeri u.u
    yeri u.u  +355

    playing the game “incorrectly” is something beta testers all do, it’s what we’re hired to do in this game AAAAA I LOVE THIS GAME

  • Thomaswstt

    Matpat:”why does the name Thomas sound so familiar”

  • Toby.TheRam


  • Darkwastaken

    MatPat literally explained the whole thing to me in 19 minutes

  • Just a shrimp

    The fact that I already knew they were dead spirits showing their deaths to the so called "player" through "trials" just by matpat telling me them and the trials, means that I really am becoming a theorist

  • karen mcstupid

    I personally think that Louis’s stretched out face that you can find in the barn when Peter’s eyes are chasing you is the most nightmare fuel picture

  • KingOfRainbow


  • The Crusader

    Wow, I have a strong feeling that this game will

  • Ani
    Ani  +187

    Glad this one’s more simple but still mysterious. A lot of indie games imo try too hard to be convoluted.