Game Theory: You're Fighting The WRONG Person! (Genshin Impact)

  • Publicado el 23 feb 2022
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    Theorists, it's been a while since I talked about Genshin Impact and with the 2.5 update there is a new development I think I should cover. We need to talk about Tsaritsa, the Cryo Archon of Snezhnaya. Now, we the player have never actually SEEN her, but boy does she hold a lot of implications as to the future of the game's story. Get ready to go DEEP and find out who the real bad guy is and why you may have been fighting the WRONG PERSON this whole time!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick, Tom Robinson and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Tyler Mascola and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
    Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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Comentarios • 9 833

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    "Tsaritsa immediately starts giving off some serious Thanos vibes"
    It's all fun and games until Tsaritsa says "you should've gone for the head".

    • Sheikh Shadab
      Sheikh Shadab Hace 7 días

      @Î Àm ÇhrîsBB ×68 Ok. Insult the topic on which the video is about and you're done.

    • john wesly gasmen
      john wesly gasmen Hace 17 días

      @Vince Cruz aye yo, u play codm

    • Vince Cruz
      Vince Cruz Hace 17 días

      Its all fun and games until she snaps her fingers

    • john wesly gasmen
      john wesly gasmen Hace un mes

      we always have the honkai universe to deal with the problems

  • IamNiNi -_-
    IamNiNi -_- Hace 2 meses +2973

    La Signora was probably more violent towards Venti because of her own personal hatred towards him. Signora was previously a citizen of Mondstadt, and when her husband died during a battle she blamed Barbatos for it. I know the lore in the crimson witch artefacts are about La Signora.

    • Strykerx31
      Strykerx31 Hace 21 un día

      i'm running around with her Husband's Sword, dammit....

    • Jazmin1a
      Jazmin1a Hace 2 meses +4

      @Uchiha Madara …
      You’re joking right?😬

    • Uchiha Madara
      Uchiha Madara Hace 2 meses +4

      @Jazmin1a why would u hate signora for this? She did nothing wrong.

    • 空梦
      空梦 Hace 2 meses

      I don't think she remembers though, when she kicked Venti especially. But you can try looking at the item yourself, "Hellfire Butterfly." I'm not sure if I understood it correctly, it was only when she became the Crimson Witch in the boss battle that she remembered her old name, past and Rostam

    • Fée de Sylvestre
      Fée de Sylvestre Hace 2 meses +1

      @Kero Kero Maiden is for the Signora and Blood stained is for the knight

    CHINA Hace 2 meses +1953

    Matpat: makes a genshin video
    The entire genshin impact community: *actually, INHALES*

    • ren goodmen
      ren goodmen Hace 7 días

      Not fully.

    • Vince Cruz
      Vince Cruz Hace 17 días

      matpat: BUT HEY thats just a theory, A GAME-
      some genshin players: *INHALE* SHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTT

    • S W
      S W Hace 18 días +3

      @Wind i think they meant inaccurate, not morally wrong. he leaves and doesn't govern them, sure, but he helps in times of need like with the stormterror situation and with vennessa and ursa the drake, so it's not like he abandoned them.

    • Wind
      Wind Hace 27 días +1

      @First Last I mean- he didn't exactly want Mondstadt in the first place but that still dosen't redeem his actions. Tbh I feel like it's in some way Celestia's fault for assigning him to it

    • realdragao
      realdragao Hace un mes

      @darktennisball imperial japan

  • Rifa Rira
    Rifa Rira Hace 2 meses +689

    Chill guys, y'all have to realize the reason of this collab is to attract a new player. So it make sense for him to only make a " Common " theory because again, this is targeted at a possibly new player.

    • First Last
      First Last Hace 12 días

      @Sol It's because of the misinformation abt the lore

    • Nothingness
      Nothingness Hace un mes

      @Sol Mostly misinformation and stuff...

    • Krishnadas_37
      Krishnadas_37 Hace un mes +1

      That new player definitely is targeted towards me who is playing GI from past 1 month. LOL

    • zbee
      zbee Hace un mes +1

      @Sol Yeah. This was news to me too.

    • moom11_1
      moom11_1 Hace 2 meses +17

      @Me Mes for someone who most likely doesn't play this game, it is quite a bit of research to catch up with what the fandom knows

  • double a battery
    double a battery Hace 2 meses +580

    Anyone else notice how when Childe said “I must fulfill the Tsaritsa’s will” it said Zhongli was speaking 💀

  • Anthonny Arias
    Anthonny Arias Hace 2 meses +379

    6:44 Yae Miko didn't trade the Gnosis willingly, she exchanged it for the life of the traveler.

    • I do random stuff
      I do random stuff Hace 26 días

      Ya but she is EXTREMELY powerful in lore so ya

    • Microray Revenge
      Microray Revenge Hace un mes +23

      @Anthonny Arias She did know what it was, and even how important of a thing it was.
      In Raiden Shogun's bio, it says that when Ei decided to leave her Gnosis with Yae Miko, she said something like "Are you sure about leaving something so valuable with me? Maybe I will sell it off somewhere" and Ei answered "I know that, even if you do, you'll trade it for something of equal value".
      That not only shows that Yae knew the value of the Gnosis, but it also shows how much value she saw on the Traveler when she exchanged it for their life.

    • ruby
      ruby Hace un mes

      Isn’t that of her own will?

    • Jacob Lubis
      Jacob Lubis Hace 2 meses +6

      it was suppose to be ei that willingly gave up the gnosis to yae and do anything with it, would be a drip chess skin doe 🥶

    • moom11_1
      moom11_1 Hace 2 meses +37

      @Anthonny Arias as if Yae never lied about anything lol

  • Rubi Covers
    Rubi Covers Hace 2 meses +2450

    "Oh yeah, pronouncing Shneznaya proves we do our research."
    Also Game Theory: *calls Childe Zhongli*

    • MrMo456
      MrMo456 Hace 6 días

      He couldn't pronounce khaenriah either

    • Your Local Venti Simp
      Your Local Venti Simp Hace un mes +1

      not to mention you can find recordings of a story quest it is repeatedly said..

    • Brie
      Brie Hace 2 meses +2

      Heavely butchers Khaenri'ah

    • Xaiphon
      Xaiphon Hace 2 meses

      @Tayler Wolf he never did

    • Xaiphon
      Xaiphon Hace 2 meses

      @Te I feel like a lot of ppl make the mistake of that cg being tsaritsa

  • Achmad Fadil
    Achmad Fadil Hace 2 meses +114

    For genshin theorists, this is just basic knowledge. Don't let me started on the primordial one, three moons and ect.

    • White Fang
      White Fang Hace 2 días

      @I like pointless internet arguments Have you not seen the toxicity of the fanbase? They sent dear threats to Mihoyo for "wasting their money", even though that is mostly their fault in the first place.

    • I like pointless internet arguments
      I like pointless internet arguments Hace 8 días +1

      @Archy but why

    • Archy
      Archy Hace 22 días +5

      Honestly he probably isn’t that interested in Genshin in general so it’s understandable lol. But I think it’s the best to stay away from genshin fanbase so

  • Dutchwhore
    Dutchwhore Hace 2 meses +115

    If matpat actually does the lore of the whole game, its never gonna end

    • aquasiox
      aquasiox Hace 14 días +2

      fnaf all over again except i’m actually invested lmao

    • Vince Cruz
      Vince Cruz Hace 17 días +1

      lol yes

  • bob man
    bob man Hace 2 meses +195

    4:09 can we just talk about how mat labeled childe as "zhongli"?

    • bob man
      bob man Hace 6 días

      @DarkWarriorProgram youre welcome, i guess haha.

    • DarkWarriorProgram
      DarkWarriorProgram Hace 7 días +1

      I was looking for someone commenting on that and I had to scroll to the bottom of the page to find it. Honestly I'm surprised no one else has pointed that out. Haha

    • Cutie Pie
      Cutie Pie Hace 2 meses +20

      he read too much childe x zhongli fanfic

    • ♡︎— allymayfairswife
      ♡︎— allymayfairswife Hace 2 meses +4


  • Connor Townley
    Connor Townley Hace 2 meses +453

    You’re about 15 theories behind man. The Genshin community has believed this to be canon since the start of the game. This ain’t nothing we haven’t heard already.

    • lime
      lime Hace 26 días +5

      @PommesLord true, he only does genshin theories when he's sponsored lol so it's mainly for new players

    • PommesLord
      PommesLord Hace 26 días +14

      @lime Well, this is targeted to new players so going more into the game would be a bit too much, I think.

    • Urmomslover
      Urmomslover Hace un mes


    • lime
      lime Hace 2 meses +10

      @nai soooo he should post a theory that goes more into the game

    • nai
      nai Hace 2 meses +18


  • Cavemanjazz
    Cavemanjazz Hace 2 meses +2921

    btw, The tsaritsa doesn't actually have the electro gnosis. In the roguelike dungeon event we found out that Childe was searching for Scaramouch because he never delivered the gnosis to the tsaritsa

    • Cavemanjazz
      Cavemanjazz Hace 2 meses

      @じゅげむ Their mom

    • じゅげむ
      じゅげむ Hace 2 meses

      jesus christ what did you do to get nuked by bots

    • Kou
      Kou Hace 2 meses

      @Cavemanjazz Imagine he team's up with the fake albedo. You might think that he is already dead but my theory is that there are 3 Albedos. The "fake one"( Whooperflower), the "failed albedo" and the "real albedo". The failed albedo and Scaramouche share some similarities. With being failed projects and wanting something( Albedo: to life the life of the real one, and Scaramouche to MAYBE have the gnosis or something like that). And then they both be bosses( maybe separated or like there is a first phase Albedo and second Scaramouche. This is just a fun theory and would never become cannon. Just imagine this. Wouldn't it be cool? Or would it be terrifying? Or rather funny and exciting to see? Share your thoughts on my theory please! ૮ ˶´ ᵕˋ ˶ა

    • Moo cow
      Moo cow Hace 2 meses +1

      @TyTBM //Butterboi666 I’d say it’s a now betrayal really

    • Revan
      Revan Hace 2 meses +3

      bro said hippity hoppety this gnosis is my property

  • SunKitti
    SunKitti Hace un mes +63

    MatPat has finally met his match, the entire Genshin fandom.

  • Nina the yeagerist
    Nina the yeagerist Hace 29 días +30

    "zhongli is kind of an airhead when it comes to managing money"
    I didn't laugh as much in a while 🤣

    • danz
      danz Hace 11 horas

      it's ironic considering he is the god who is tasked to make their goddamn currency, but does'nt know how to use them properly.

    • Vince Cruz
      Vince Cruz Hace 17 días +2

      zhongli is that one friend that has a car but doesnt know how to drive it

  • lxttlcrow _
    lxttlcrow _ Hace 2 meses +28

    this video just actually made me realize how deeply invested i am in the game’s lore that i immediately saw all of the inconsistencies in the video 😭

  • Mollofi Straye
    Mollofi Straye Hace 2 meses +81

    you should get into Genshin's lore more! there's SO much more than it looks like, and I'm sad it doesn't get as much recognition

  • Shmoopi Dapotato
    Shmoopi Dapotato Hace 2 meses +78

    I remember a voice line from Venti saying that “I don’t think I could even fly that high” and then he proceeded to say stuff like he wouldn’t even want to go to Celestia even if he was invited.
    Also I have another theory that Childe will get a hero arc and break away from the fatui since he’s stated before he wish he could quit work and adventure with us. Plus he’s the only playable Fatui member while the other two we’ve met either ran away from the fatui or died.

    • Hello
      Hello Hace un mes +5

      I doubt that Childe would get a hero arc. Why? Simple. Because his family is at Snezhnaya. If he ever decides to betray the Fatui, the Tsaritsa can simply take his family hostage. He isn't like Scaramouche, who has nothing to lose.

    • Nowaylarry
      Nowaylarry Hace 2 meses +16

      Childe will 100% die by the end of the story. The man is one giant walking death flag. That isn't to say he won't get some amount of redemption though.

  • Xenothyst
    Xenothyst Hace 2 meses +60

    4:11 slight correction to the CC. It says "Zhongli" while the character is actually Childe (also known as Tartaglia)

    • Xenothyst
      Xenothyst Hace 27 días

      @[Jaclyn] haha yea. that too.

    • I like udon noodles
      I like udon noodles Hace un mes

      Everyone just calls him childe at this point. Didn’t even know his actual name was Ajax until my friend pointed it out

    • [Jaclyn]
      [Jaclyn] Hace 2 meses +1

      and his real name ajax

  • Azure Pulse
    Azure Pulse Hace 2 meses +27

    4:10 in, Childe is mistakenly labeled as Zhongli. Anyways, I like to see you dig into Khaenria more and see if you can figure out the origins of the hilichurls. There is a ton of lore hidden in the artifact descriptions.

  • Spyro Shurtagul
    Spyro Shurtagul Hace 2 meses +21

    Honestly this does make sense. There's a point where we finally meet up with our sibling and they tell us we're on the wrong side of the battle but we'll figure it out. And that was when we were fighting the Fatui and our sibling was with them instead. That would make total sense now if we find out the goals of the Tsaritsa!

  • 12 brkn hrts
    12 brkn hrts Hace 2 meses +962

    As a loyal Genshin theorist, there are a few things I feel need to be addressed.
    1: If you wanna talk about lore, read the manga. In the manga Venti clearly shows some kind of PTSD towards Celestia, no need to theorize. And if Tsaritsa wants to overthrow them she's not exactly the bad guy.
    2: Tsaritsa, the way Venti was the god of freedom, used to be a god of love. Venti mentions her change of heart happening 500 years ago, back when the disaster in Khaenri'ah happened. Her relations with Tsaritsa changed a lot since then. Remember that Khaenri'ah wad a godless land.
    3: The reason why Signora treats Venti so roughly is far more personal than just "you a lazy god". Signora actually hails from Mondstadt and thus used to be one of his subjects, but left after her beloved Rostam died. She's angry he doesn't even recognize her.
    4: Venti was actively trying to stop the Stomterror conflict initially by talking with Dvalin, then giving powers to the Traveler, then trying to soothe the dragon with a holy lyre and eventually helping to take down the dragon himself. Not like he wasn't trying to do anything, as fun-loving as he is

    • First Last
      First Last Hace 12 días

      @Tyson Dennis ppl have already been done did know this though.

    • Tyson Dennis
      Tyson Dennis Hace 2 meses +4

      The manga is clearly hinting at the Celestia=evil, Tsaritsa=good theory that MatPat is theorizing to be true. More evidence against Celestia.

    • KluEvo
      KluEvo Hace 2 meses +19

      If MatPat ever gets serious about exploring Genshin lore, oh boy will he have a field day with all the clues and somewhat subtle hints that are in the game

    • Michael Dinh
      Michael Dinh Hace 2 meses

      @Хейтер Трендов where have no arrow

    • Ze AwEsOmE Hobo
      Ze AwEsOmE Hobo Hace 2 meses +25

      It's a 15 lore video meant for everyone, I wouldn't expect much of the manga material to be mentioned. The dynamic between Signora and Venti is interesting, but is an aside to the theory's main point. The same goes for Venti helping Stormterror. Specifically, Venti wasn't trying to quell Dvalin to save Mondstadt, he wanted to help his friend. But that doesn't pertain to the overarching story, especially when the game itself counts the majority of that as a prologue.

  • Madcap Riflette
    Madcap Riflette Hace 2 meses +27

    There's also this one scene on the manga where Venti shows disdain towards Celestia briefly when Venessa asked him about it.

  • Vero
    Vero Hace 2 meses +40

    I feel like the whole "the archons apparently don't need their gnosis" thing is odd. The electro archon is a special case, as using the gnosis she created a body which that holds ultimate electro power that she puppets, so she no longer needs it as she created a loophole. Zhongli shows that once you lose your gnosis you lose your godlike powers, and borderline just have a basic vision at that point. Venti doesn't even use his powers anyways.
    We also don't really know what someone can do with a gnosis that isn't actually bestowed to them specifically, though I have a feeling Scara will become an example of that considering he ran off with one. Though his body is based of the electro archons anyways which may complicate that.

    • 『Akari』
      『Akari』 Hace un mes

      @Nowaylarry umm just a correction venti technically speaking did not fight in the archon war...he only won by the process if elimination since the decarabian died and well andrius didn’t rlly want it-

    • Nowaylarry
      Nowaylarry Hace 2 meses +3

      Nah, Venti and Zhongli both fought in the archon war (pre gnosis). That was a war fought by gods. The fact that they emerged as victors of said war point to the fact that they were clearly already powerful before getting a gnosis. While there are still some mysteries as to what a gnosis exactly does, gods are still gods without one.

    • Just Some Guy with Green Hair
      Just Some Guy with Green Hair Hace 2 meses +4

      A gnosis may or may not give the bearer a massive boost in power, it depends on the bearer. Barbatos was a mere wind spirit. It is after he obtained the gnosis that he got his divine status and power enough to cut down mountains. But Morax and Beelzebul were warriors to begin with and Morax has been worshipped as a god from way before the archon war. So the gnosis did little in terms of boosting their power. The guyun stone forest was created during the Archon war which could mean that the Geo gnosis wasn't in his possesion yet. Beelzebul created the eternal storm around inazuma without her gnosis. Also she fought all her battles as the kagemusha without a gnosis. Morax is an adepti first, the prime of adepti to be exact and he gifted many adepti arts to the adepti under him. He spent at least half of his life without a gnosis and fought and defeated gods right and left.
      We still don't know what exactly are the gnoses aside from these are things that connects the archons to celestia, a mark of their Archon status we could say.

    • Josh Brosh
      Josh Brosh Hace 2 meses

      @Truly Meaningless another point is when we talk to yoimiya in the archon quest we know that venti got his fake vision from inazuma

    • Josh Brosh
      Josh Brosh Hace 2 meses +1

      @Jasraj Jhattu and to menrion that Ei slash was longer then that whole island if you look at the map and align from that position you waill realize the slash cut down the mountain belowe narukami shrine

  • kitcat
    kitcat Hace 6 días +3

    you know, the gnosises/gnosi being described as resembling chess pieces actually reminds me a lot of how in no game no life each race's designated leader is in possession of a chess piece that represents their entire race. and in order to become the next god, someone needs to collect all the chess pieces for the right to challenge tet, the current god...coincidence?? (i think not) 👀

  • E. G.
    E. G. Hace 2 meses +11

    The only thing I'd like to add is that the person you have referred to in the image as the Tsaritsa is actually one of the Harbingers. The Tsaritsa has another figure depicting her through cannon media. Apart from that awesome theory once again. I love how my favorite channel is covering Genshin once again.

    • Alper
      Alper Hace un mes

      who is the harbinger depicted as the silhouette? and where can you find a canon picture of the tsaritsa?

  • Idiot Named Hax
    Idiot Named Hax Hace 2 meses +4242

    Quick correction:
    Scaramouche actually ran off with the electro gnosis, so the Fatui still only are in control of 3

    • EdWaRd
      EdWaRd Hace 12 días

      @alt he is…and ei literally could ve killed him bc he was a prototype for her puppet but she let him leave…and the fatui took him. Idk why he was on the other side bc ei literally saved him and created him…she let him wonder the nation so idrk how he became evil. Maybe he took the gnosis to keep it safe

    • Nuzlocke
      Nuzlocke Hace un mes

      @VHI RIE No she doesn't.
      She has Anemo, Geo, and CRYO (BECAUSE SHE'S THE *CRYO* ARCHON)
      Electro is in the hands of a runner.

    • VHI RIE
      VHI RIE Hace un mes

      She has 4 gnosis including the Hydro Gnosis

    • Jenny
      Jenny Hace 2 meses

      @Jarernchai Job ohhhh okay thx 😅

    • Nuzlocke
      Nuzlocke Hace 2 meses

      @ORION [Headcanon]

  • shelf
    shelf Hace 2 meses +27

    MY OWN THEORY:venti actually might have wanted to give his gnosis up because he wanted to give freedom to monstadt and freedom isnt freedom if demanded by an archon.but at the last minute,he decided not to because he saw how huge of a problem dvalin was and the city of monstadt might face other consequences like these and so didnt want to give up his gnosis so signora forced it out of him because he (probably) said that he wanted to give up his gnosis along with zhongli

  • Mike Kazami
    Mike Kazami Hace un mes +4

    I love the theory and i'm honestly looking forward to when you do another genshin impact theory for when Sumeru is released. Best of luck matpat :3

  • Amber Swalwell
    Amber Swalwell Hace 2 meses +7

    Yeah this seems about right, I had a feeling the Tsaritsa wasn’t actually straight evil but I didn’t really think out any of the specifics.

  • honkaiwasmygayawakening
    honkaiwasmygayawakening Hace 2 meses +8

    I think you'd be pretty interested in the connections to the Honkaiverse, there are a lot of them and the unknown god resembles one of the characters the, the "Herrscher of the Void". Herrschers are like the equivalent of archons there, maybe even stronger. If you wish, then you could take a dive into the manga, they did discuss something about sending someone to the "Ark", and if I am correct Teyvat in english is ark. The story is more fleshed out there, since it has been around longer and the Honkai players actually chose the name for Genshin. (And also because I am desperate for someone to notice Honkai)

  • skybattler 262
    skybattler 262 Hace 2 meses +2974

    Mat Pat: Tsaritsa is not the true villain!
    Other Genshin Lorists: Wow, you are late to the party... but a welcome one for sure.

    • I Purple You
      I Purple You Hace 23 días

      I doubt he'd make one. I don't know if matpat is genuinely interested in the story of genshin. We already have ashikai and catwithbluehat so I'm fine with him not making videos about genshin. I still hope he does though, truly. The place of genshin's story has so much potential to be even better than how it is right now. With the recent update, we saw another side of the Fatui and also slight Sumeru crumbs. I'm really looking forward to the continuation of genshin's story in the near future and for genshin theorists ro provide us with more theories.

    • Urmomslover
      Urmomslover Hace un mes +1


    • Adventures of NON-EXISTENCE & EMPTINESS
      Adventures of NON-EXISTENCE & EMPTINESS Hace 2 meses

      @Josh Brosh wat

    • Josh Brosh
      Josh Brosh Hace 2 meses

      @Adventures of NON-EXISTENCE & EMPTINESS pro at being a liar

    • Adventures of NON-EXISTENCE & EMPTINESS
      Adventures of NON-EXISTENCE & EMPTINESS Hace 2 meses

      @Josh Brosh am pro

  • Ace
    Ace Hace un mes +6

    5:58 Because of information in an event back at ver. 2.2 she does not have the electro gnosis. It is shown that child is in Inazuma because after receiving the electro gnosis from Yae Miko, Scaramouche just disappeared and never gave the Tsaritsa the electro gnosis leading to child being sent after him. Still love your videos, just wanted to point out that slight inconsistency.

  • Harshit Madhav
    Harshit Madhav Hace 2 meses +3

    I’m excited to see more Genshin game theory …I love the game and I love how deep the lore is

  • Meztli Cerda
    Meztli Cerda Hace 2 meses +4

    MatPat you should really do more genshin impact videos!! There's so much lore and i love genshin impact and your videos- you have a fun way of presenting theories

  • KaiserBeam
    KaiserBeam Hace 2 meses +5

    It's funny how they just completely forgot to add the Dendro Archon's name at 3:39 despite Yae revealing their name at the end of the Inazuma Archon Quest

  • Opressed White Male
    Opressed White Male Hace 2 meses +3040

    Correction: The Tsaritsa only has 3 out of 7 Gnosi. One of her Harbingers pocketed it and left all others in the dark (which led fo the Signora confrontation)

    • lorrence castro
      lorrence castro Hace 2 meses

      @a s if so then why would she send Childe capture Scaramouche?

    • • Lavender Iris •
      • Lavender Iris • Hace 2 meses

      @a s A GAME THEORY

    • CC Lee
      CC Lee Hace 2 meses

      @BreadCrumb Fan boys???

    • BreadCrumb
      BreadCrumb Hace 2 meses

      he doesnt care they paid him for this video lmfao calm down these comments if all tese fan boys are funny af

    • fso Satsumnez pl
      fso Satsumnez pl Hace 2 meses

      wtf a ya talking about

  • Mr.International
    Mr.International Hace 2 meses +2

    Its actually interesting how tsaritsia will approach the next 4 archons since they werent around for the fall of khaenri'ah. Keep in mind venti and zhongli were there personally and ei lost her sister during that battle so each of them have their own personal reasons why theyd want to do away with their connection to celestia. The rest of the archons are actually not part of the original group.

  • Francesca Patti
    Francesca Patti Hace un mes

    After literal years I'm back once more on this channel.
    Man I really missed MatPat and his theories.

  • Lin Z
    Lin Z Hace 2 meses +1

    I've watched this 3 times. Please Matpat, do more theories on Genshin Impact. It's a beautifully carved world with many mysteries outside of the main storyline and you can really tell the devs put a lot of love into creating it. Will be looking forward to it or at least it would also be fun to watch you play the game over at GTLIve :)

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    Zhongli over here pulling a Dr. Strange, bet he has some 5dimensional chess strat he's gonna pull out and just wreck the Staritsa... He kind of did the die without dying thing like Dr. Strange too

    • seajelly
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      no he's old and in retirement.

  • Alec Xander
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    Matpat: Tsaritsa isn't the bad guy!
    Everyone: we're 4, actually 5 parallel universes ahead of you.

    • Alondor
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      @PablokeStar X5 Ummmm. That's sounds plausible to me. In fact, the Abyss are teaming up with your own sibling.

    • KJ
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      @PablokeStar X5 They aren't evil, they wanna fight celestia.

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      @Far we dont know that yet

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    Genshin impact theory:
    Why do mobs drop mora when you kill them?
    (Nah I could imagine treasure hoarders just like “omg *throws money* I’m dead anyway just leave me alone” )
    And how do they naturally come to you even if you’re like really far ??

  • Ardyneus
    Ardyneus Hace 2 meses +3

    6:03 It’s more likely the Tsarisa isn’t shown in the Genshin road map at all, because none of the images shown for each regions are archons.

  • 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙣𝙣.
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    Fun fact: Venti got his gnosis back.

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    This seems so cooooool I should try this game! Looks well made!!
    I genuinely hope that her goal is peace. Even though it's just a game I don't want bads for them.

    • I Purple You
      I Purple You Hace 23 días

      I hope u enjoy genshin ^^. Honestly speaking, the info stated in this video is already considered basic lore which is already amazing. There's more to the story of genshin and I doubt it'll end anytime soon. Great crumbs of lore in the game is the story of Tsurumi Island, story of Enkanomiya, Chasm quests, any quest that is in relation with the Abyss, and even the characters themselves (Ex: Albedo, Childe, etc.). What I'm saying right now might be gibberish to you but if you play the game, and if you really like stories, you'll appreciate the examples I mentioned to you. God I typed too much but welp that's how much I'm interested in the lore of genshin. There are ESclipsrs "Catwithbluehat", "Ashikai", "Chill With Aster", "Klementime", and more who go even deeper when it comes to genshin's main and side stories. That's all lmao I typed too much

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    Wait til Matpat tries to get his theories about Khaenri'ah, I would definitely be very hyped when it does

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      It'll be solved before gets the next sponsorships! 😂😂😂😂😂

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      What riveting khaenriah theory will we get from this guy? ‘Could khaneriah be the creators of the art of khemia?’

    • роман нету
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      @Christofer Pezet infortunately your dream is impossible if you just ask - if you become popular as beloved and then do some stupid things you will get much more hate

    • роман нету
      роман нету Hace 2 meses

      Nah, probably he won't go further than some theorists at this moment, simply because they have superior information called "Honkai Lore" lol

    • enelbc04
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      If this video serves as any indicator. He will theorize about Khaenri'ah a year later and with quite obvious shallow information.

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    I would love to see MattPat do a video on the strongest characters in Genshin Impact (Lore-wise) that aren't Archons or godlike ( Adepti, Yokai etc) in any way.

  • Gregory Sandy
    Gregory Sandy Hace un mes

    I mean this was already heavily implied once you really start reading into the game. Especially in the snowy mountain area. You would realise that the pillar was a cryo pillar cast out from celestia. They did some against the cryo archon. One of the archons even mentions that some event happened that changed her over the centuries. If they was not playing the pronoun game every minute. Could have gotten more.

  • Atlas Dwyer
    Atlas Dwyer Hace un mes +1

    To be fair, seeing as Ei’s sister died in the cataclysm, I don’t imagine that Ei would want much to do with Celestia anymore…

  • lila benford
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    Even if this is one of the oldest theories around I still love it to this day

  • Eevee and Me
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    Correction: Venti ISN'T one of those "ignorant gods" - he KNOWS that there's darkness at play in terms of Celestia - as seen in the official Genshin manga - and he didn't seem to care much after his gnosis was taken. Plus, SPOILERS FOR SIGNORA'S BACKSTORY - the reason Signora took his gnosis so violently was because, during the attack on Khaenri'ah, Signora's lover Rostam was slain. She hates Venti's guts cuz Rostam's death was the result of a cataclysm that was supposedly orchestrated by the gods (which I heavily believe the Archons had no say in, not that Signora knew) so her archon - cuz she was a former Mondstadter - failed her and her lost love. Just wanted to throw that out there.

    • I Purple You
      I Purple You Hace 23 días

      @Melotaku also the translation of signora's boss theme kind of has her story

    • Cat Poke
      Cat Poke Hace 2 meses +10

      @TEYVAT TRAVEL GUIDE Venti definitely knows a lot about Celestia. Aside from the Tsaritsa, he has showed more distaste for the place than any other gods. He even gets a painful memory about it in the manga as he scowls after being asked about it.

    • Eevee and Me
      Eevee and Me Hace 2 meses

      @Babz who knows? 👀🤔

    • Seven7Seven
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      i actually did not know that about signora

    • Babz
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      @Eevee and Me “yet”

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    Tsaritsa just keeps moving forward, until her enemies are destroyed

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    Hopefully genshin sponsored matpat again so he can talk about the abyss and the traveler’s sibling motive lmao

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    Actually the story of Signora is in the 'Withc of Flames' artifact set. The reason she is so brutal to venti was because he was absent during catalysm and her beloved other died and she blames him. Yeeah she is kinda right btw.

  • Ely Xen
    Ely Xen Hace 2 meses

    Same thought.. though still mad at them for what they did with Teppei 😔 I'm curious though on what will be the role of the twin in all of these because it seems like a different path/journey 🤔

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    The amount of lore for you to use in genshin is suprisingly a whole lot

    • I like pointless internet arguments
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      @Proto Gaming no, it’s really not lmao

    • Jennifer Picado
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      @boom blox nah it's five years or less and given that the chasm is coming this update, im willing to bet that it'll take them less than 5 - 10 years to complete

    • shamsudeen m a
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      @mathew egbetokun Yes, but you can't play previous event quests. Other than that you can play all story quests and world quests even if you start now

      NARUITCH Hace 2 meses

      @Realafah 5% 9f it sh t

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      Nice pfp

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    Venti always frowns when we mention celestia. He so said celestia has dirty water so maybe celestia isn't all that heavenly
    Edit: you should also look into honkai lore since Mihoyos games a likely connected

  • Agito Dragoon
    Agito Dragoon Hace 2 meses +1

    The manga actually goes into detail slightly about celestia
    Well sort of-
    It’s basically some sort of prison for vision bearers who’ve passed on or “ascended” to celestia

  • Avery The Rockgod
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    Can’t wait to see the Tsaritsa battle against the The Demiurge in like a couple years.😆

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    I watch Wei theory videos and watching this makes me feel like I know so many secrets.

  • Kreativedragonling
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    I'm kind of impressed at how little Matpat has done for Genshin considering just how much theory fodder there is. There are DOZENS of topics he could use in videos. I guess it's just not his thing.

    • Boomblox5896
      Boomblox5896 Hace 28 días +1

      It could just be that the community itself is already pinning down all those theory topics as we speak. Also as a Honkai Impact fan, I believe this universe's existence is obsolete in the grand scheme of things because the real main universe exists in Honkai, not Genshin.

    • Offisianシ
      Offisianシ Hace un mes

      yep especially the whole the world was flipped upside down thing id love to see it fully researched this tsaritsa not bad stuff is pretty obvious from just playing the main story im pretty sure everyone who doesn't skip the dialogue knows this by now

    • Topaz
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      @Daniel Endless I'm sorry if I missed something, but what's predatory about the game?

    • HardPIay
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      He's not sponsored by Mihoyo enough to make more videos

    • Daniel Endless
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      Probably doesn't feel right advertising such a predatory game

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    when Matwas trying to pronounce Khaenri'ah, I was giggling for a bit but then I realised that genshin made so many things and places with such difficult names to pronounce

  • Kenny Moore
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    I thought the willingness of everyone to give away their gnosis was the biggest indicator we weren't seeing the full picture about Celestia and the Tsaritsa. Great video breaking it down!

  • serenediipity
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    appreciate all the research matpat does considering how much lore there is in this game (love the reference to the original chinese too since there can be misinterpretations in english) which makes the lore even trickier.

  • Rahaf Al-Jawhar
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    Also Mona being an astrologer seems important because of genshins Celestial theme. Please look into her!

  • TheCreepypro
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    as a guy who has been watching anime for two decades I find this lore and theory cute I'm not going to ruin what is going to happen cause I think I know enjoy your game young ones....

  • Heather Wyatt
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    I *NEED* to hear Matpat's theory for the new 2.6 release with the lore and stuff found in the Chasm!!! It's so freaking dark and twisted down there.

  • Kathryn Brown
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    The company should definitely make this a story line! It would make the game more interesting.

  • Just a dude
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    you kinda missed the fact that the gnosis are only really powerful if the archon has control or influence over there regions so ventis noigsis is kinda uselesss when he uses it

  • will radle
    will radle Hace 2 meses +2131

    Hey Matpat. You missed one major chunk of lore that changes how the events of the game we're going to play out. The tsaritsa never got the Electro gnosis because the balladeer who hates Humanity has stolen it and is missing. Also to add to your theory of Celestia being evil in the manga Celestia is shown to be designed like a prison and when asked about it by Vanessa the ancient hero venti becomes flustered and uncomfortable unwilling to answer

    • eeehhehehehehehehe
      eeehhehehehehehehe Hace 2 meses

      @Hxney bee
      it was mentioned in the archon quest. scaramouche was INTRODUCED in an event, but he is a permenant main story character and will have lots of signifigance

    • Xaiphon
      Xaiphon Hace 2 meses

      I dont think Scaramouche hates humanity per see. The Husk artifacts tell his story. He was a puppet who wanted a heart and was apparently given one that was cruel and bitter, and he contemplated giving it up but then it would leave him without a heart. I don't think he just grew to be spiteful on his own, I feel like someone in the Fatui gave it to him. Either the Tsaritsa or one of the Harbingers that's related to being a puppetmaster. Considering he was a prototype body for the Shogun, maybe him holding the Gnosis could change his personality.

    • Buizel710
      Buizel710 Hace 2 meses

      @Raymond Wiggins Canonically, no Electro Visions were given out in the year since the enactment of the Vision Hunt and Sakoku Decrees from the Shogun. The timing matches up suspiciously, so early theorists assumed that Archons hand out Visions. In the 2.1 update however, Yae specifically mentions that Archons have nothing to do with the distribution of Visions.

    • André Lima
      André Lima Hace 2 meses

      @will radle was on a downtime and missed that event sadly :(

    • will radle
      will radle Hace 2 meses +1

      @André Lima No the labyrinth event with Childe. He states he is looking for the balladeer since his gone missing with the gnosis. He hates humanity so he's either betraying the fatui or its part of the plan against Celestia.

  • DnD Recordings
    DnD Recordings Hace 2 meses

    I've been telling my friends this since before Inazuma was added to the game! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so!

  • RM Kunita
    RM Kunita Hace 14 días

    A minor note, the name/title of the Dendro Archon is known (it was mentioned by Yae at the end of the Inazuma Archon Quest), it is Lesser Lord Kusanali.

  • GoldenFox 911
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    I REALLY want our "villain" to be the true secret hero...

    MLG GAMER Hace 2 meses +1

    "not to be confused with irrigation which is watering of land"
    From the context clues I think we got that

  • Katie Watie
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    ACTUALLY the tsaritsa DOESNT have the electro one, because the harbinger who took it broke ties with the Fatui

    • Barbsrara
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      It's just an act... After all the fatui is inspired by comedia dell'arte.

    • Violet Ray :)
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      @dancing pineapple MMMM I WONDER

    • Violet Ray :)
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      @Fatherless child ikr

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      all fun and games until scara comes back as a genshin playable character and boss with the gnosis, BOY OH BOY BANNER WHEN?? /hj

    • Fatherless child
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      @Angelica Leon mhm and childe is after him to get the gnosis

  • Destiny Lock
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    Miguel and Tulio had it right when they said “it’s tough to be a god”

  • Vasilis Karidas
    Vasilis Karidas Hace 2 meses

    Some corrections :
    1. The electro gnosis is currently with Scaramouche, who went berserk
    2. Siniora beat up Venti beacause she lost her loved one in a war ( she and her man were Mondstadters )

  • Afkhar Mohamed
    Afkhar Mohamed Hace 29 días +1

    Try reading the manga in the official website. That will let you know what is actually Celestia. That is one big hint of why Tsaritsa is against Divine

  • Xavier McAleer
    Xavier McAleer Hace 2 meses

    What if as an even bigger twist, his sister was trained in the divine ways, or brainwashed as the final boss. I think it would be fun to fight the other sibling as an ultimate twist.

  • chaiibing
    chaiibing Hace 2 meses +3260

    while i do agree that the tsaritsa is most definitely looking to overthrow celestia, and that she herself may not end up being our main enemy, i do think the discussion around her shouldn't leave out the fact that the fatui have canonically exploited children for labor and soldiers, and have experimented on children. yes, her end goal might end up aligning with ours, but i don't think we should say she Isn't a villain.

    • C
      C Hace 2 meses

      @Charachux so she probably doesn't care about children being used as experiments.

    • C
      C Hace 2 meses

      @Charachux the Tsaritsa is the leader. Technically, if she wants she can stop it.

    • lorrence castro
      lorrence castro Hace 2 meses

      Don't forget almost destroying Liyue Harbor and causing Inazuma's vision hunt decree.

    • Mayday Baeday
      Mayday Baeday Hace 2 meses

      no no, it's fine, just take her on a date to watch her younger brother and discover that she loves Dango Milk or something and all her sins will be forgiven. Bonus points if she's super uwu clueless and curious about humans.

    • Keni The meme Lord
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      She is like putin

  • Jae-San
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    Theory: Could Noelle potentially split a person in two with her spin attack?

    • lemonyz
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      She defeated a Geo Lawachurl with a normal claymore, she possibly can split a person in half

  • •Felix_Argyle•
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    Fact (not a fun fact nor a fact) : Ei, The Electro Archon says that “Only through Eternity can you be closest to the heavenly principles”
    The white haired girl states that she is the sustainer of heavenly principals, I believe that the heavenly principles are Celestia aka the God Realm, so the Tsaritsa is trying to take the Sustainer of Heavenly Principals down, possibky because of what happened to Khanri’ha

  • Raptor Gaming
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    i get how at the end we will probably end up siding with the tsaritsa. i still want to beat Scaramouche into a pulp for what he did to teppei

  • Priyanshu Singh
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    With the addition of Enkanomiya's lore books and EI's story quest I would love to see more videos
    Hopefully making a series like minecraft

  • Nabukyo
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    One thing I wanna add to Venti's part is that his Gnosis wasn't really taken forcefully, it's more like he let Signora take it. Even if he's the weakest among the 7 archons, he's still a god.

    • silicon hawk
      silicon hawk Hace 13 días

      @Martin Leong indeed it was.

    • Snobsy
      Snobsy Hace un mes +1

      plus scaramouche never returned to the tsaritsa with the electro gnosis. so she isn't in possession of that one

    • Swarsha kamra
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      iruined69 li'ke's

    • Martin Leong
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      @Orange Yellow must be very salty then

    • Autogamer 12
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      Yeah there's no way he's that weak

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    We need more Genshin Videos from Mattypatty

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    i love genshin’s plot like the attention to detail they put into it all like the Gods, the archon war, celestia that’s the main reason i started playing it because i appreciate how much work mihoyo put into it all even characters we haven’t met yet and theres still more to come

  • RmVsaXg
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    you should do more character past theories, especially paimon.

  • Anson Pryde Jr.
    Anson Pryde Jr. Hace 3 días

    Why not make a theory on Paimon and what role she might play in the finale. Personally, I think Paimon will betray us near the ending.

  • ezrealbot
    ezrealbot Hace 2 meses +1276

    one glaring issue i spotted halfway through:
    scaramouche has the electro gnosis and has gone rogue, meanibg it's NOT in the fatui's clutches. childe was sent to inazuma during that xinyan event solely to find scaramouche. so ... tsaritsa doesn't have the electro gnosis.

    • ezrealbot
      ezrealbot Hace 2 meses

      @Xaiphon the genshin wiki holds a treasure trove of information from limited events. so no, i can in fact blame them for it when it's something that'd come up in the most basic of research. and if i remember right, it's also on the page on scaramouche. you know. one of the harbingers.

    • Honeybee
      Honeybee Hace 2 meses

      @ezrealbot Yeah

    • Xaiphon
      Xaiphon Hace 2 meses +1

      that fact was only revealed in a limited event, so you can't blame him for that.

    • ezrealbot
      ezrealbot Hace 2 meses

      @Honeybee yeah, but he only mentions the pale flame flower Stainless Bloom. :/

    • Honeybee
      Honeybee Hace 2 meses +1

      Another thing that they forgot is that Maiden Beloved and Crimson Witch is connected to Signora as well

  • Urmomslover
    Urmomslover Hace un mes

    Actually,The tsaritsa doesnt have the electro archons gnosis,
    Scaramouche took the gnosis for himself and got signora killed by the shogun because of that,
    The reason why childe came to inazuma was to find scaramouche who ran away for his own sake

  • eren yeager
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    I like how this is exactly 16:00, which btw is EXACTLY what we need for a 10-pull. :)

  • Tan San
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    that's a hell of a lot of research and lore diving needed to get the information in this video. props mate that's dedication.

  • Corry Cherry
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    10:50 Khaenri'ah got destroyed twice. One by Celestia and the other by MatPat

  • Star Girl
    Star Girl Hace 2 meses +1772

    The Tsaritsa doesn’t have the electro gnosis. Scaramouche does, he dipped after getting it. 3 days later, after we steal documents from the Tenryo commission for Yae to convince Sara, we fight Signora. In an event we learn that Scara disappeared after getting the gnosis for reasons not yet explained. She’ll get it eventually, but she doesn’t have it yet.

    • Professional Pussy Petter
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      Scara is going to die in the next patch confirmed

    • Mafiositorte
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      @Redarrow66 shiki taishu event. :)

    • 1146 Laldinthara Khiangte
      1146 Laldinthara Khiangte Hace 2 meses +1

      Theres a theory that goes like, the ranking of fatui haebingers is based on their importance to the tsaritsa and how much intel they get. Childe is the lower than signora and signora is lower than scaramouche. Childe didnt know about the whole morax not dying thing, and signora didnt know scara had the gnosis. But at the end of the day theyre all the tsaritsa's pawn. Tsaritsa sent scara to pretend he has dipped and to make it more believable send childe after scara to die. Why and what next she is planning who knows

    • Redarrow66
      Redarrow66 Hace 2 meses

      Yea in the event which name I can’t remember childe comes looking for him

    • WARPAINTandUnicorns
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      It's now a marathon to find him between the Tsaritsa Fatui and Traveler. lol I'm pretty sure HoYoverse doesn't want to put a target on the Traveler's back yet by obtaining one yet.

  • Mr. Masoud
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    Just imagine a friend like him explains lore for u

  • Fauxier
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    MatPat: I’m interested in how Yae Miko will fit into my roster
    Genshin players: Oh- OH. That’s funny, haha… It’s not that simple, dearest Matthew Patrick.

  • Alex Joker
    Alex Joker Hace 2 meses

    Tartaglia, when you unlock his character lines, describes the Tsaritsa as a gentle person and that she's only taking over the world to spread peace. That's a HUGE thing you missed to support it Matpat

  • Str4wberry !
    Str4wberry ! Hace 2 meses

    Tsaritsa might be the enemy of the unknown god, that might be the reason they want to collect the gnoses do much, that they send all of their fatui to get. That might also be the reason the other sibling works with the fatui/abyss, because they might have found out about what happened, and found who exactly Tsaritsa was. (?)

  • Gacha Gamer
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    The only thing I keep fighting in Genshin is my credit card debt.

    • Arcriley1
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      Little there staring

    • Michael Dinh
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      @Хейтер Трендов but just remember is a theory, a bot theory

    • creamsicle
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      wish i could disagree

    • Marshie
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      @Хейтер Трендов but that's just a theory. A FILM THEORY. AAAND CUT!

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      ohh verified comment under 1k likes