Game Theory: Humans Are Obsolete (Warframe)

  • Publicado el 17 dic 2021
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    ***Warframe story spoilers in the video!***
    Welcome to the future, Theorists! Today we are talking about Warframe, the free to play adventure game where you battle for control over the solar system and the remains of society. Their newest update, The New War, introduced a brand new threat in the Sentients. How do you fight them? By controlling Warframes, a man meets machine weapon, that is at the focus of our theory today. Could a Warframe exist IRL and is that the future of humanity?
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Pedro Freitas
    Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Comentarios • 7 025

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    This reminds me, MatPat oughta do a theory on

  • MiSAk E
    MiSAk E  +779

    Imagine Matt doing a deep dive into the warframe lore

  • Jp
    Jp  +215

    If MatPat ever does a deep-dive into Warframe, he’s gonna find himself entangled in a web that is just as big or maybe even bigger then FNAF. Hopefully he does there is so much to unpack in this game.

  • Nanodesu Virus

    Never in my life did i think i would see matpat cover the game ive played for most of my gaming career

  • Mauro De Simone

    I really wish MatPat would have done a theory on the lore of Warframe, there is so much to theorize about, rather than the possibility of Warframes being real.

  • Craig The Crane

    Matpat: Warframes have shields to protect them.

  • Nick
    Nick  +820

    I’m glad that warframe is getting more recognition, it’s a great game!

  • maizu1411
    maizu1411  +490

    Matpat: *casually spoils Warframe's biggest secret*. The Warframe community: HOW COULD YOU, WE TRUSTED YOU

  • TaxInvasion


  • JuleZ085
    JuleZ085  +63

    Imagine new players being hyped for the New War, they enter game, and the only thing they see is 700+ hrs of farm for that supreme quest



  • Jackson Morse


  • Tactical pack Limbo

    Warframe logic:

  • Mo_Shiota
    Mo_Shiota  +28

    Please do more warframe theories. There's so much lore and potential for theories

  • Helio GT
    Helio GT  +172

    my favourite warframe quote: "Nova: press 4 and everything turns into a michael bay movie"

  • JJDRFC11
    JJDRFC11  +10

    Warframe: One of the few games where you are more OP than the trailer shows

  • SwiftFish731

    FINALLY i loved the lore to this game and ive played it for a while so im overly happy for this

  • andrew lee

    3) So biological muscles for robotics seem like a great idea. But, I think that there could be a possibility that they may become obsolete in the future.

  • Cron
    Cron  +1

    "Stealthily infultrating the enemy base"

  • LegendStormcrow

    Back when I played I found Warframe had SOO much hidden info.