Game Theory: I'm So Hungry SO̶̍̅͘͜ H̵͂̑̃͊u̴N̴͓̉̃̈́̑G̴̎r̴Y̶̏ s̶͂O̶̞̍̅͘͜ ȟ̵̌̑U̷͑͒̒͠nG̴͊̈́̅͑̚R̶͝y̴̾͑͌̀̔̽

  • Publicado el 16 abr 2022
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    Welcome back to our analysis of the lore of Cooking Companions. This cute cooking game is hiding a LOT of dark secrets. We covered a lot of it in our last episode, so today we are focusing on the Chompettes. What are they? Or, more importantly, WHO are they? Get your utensils ready and let's dig in!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
    Editors: Pedro Freitas, Jerika (NekoOnigiri), and Koen Verhagen
    Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • Deer Dream Studios

    Humbled beyond belief to see another Cooking Companions theory! HUGE thanks to MatPat, the GT staff and Game Theorists community: you all rock! For updates to the new story content: look us up on Twitter, TikTok, and ESclips (the channel has all the endings for you to chew over). As always: leave any questions you have below!

  • BrandNewOnTheInternet

    "Don't worry we're not within stabbing distance or anything" that's exactly what someone within stabbing distance would say

  • Lunarsound

    I love how even when he’s talking about other games, he still finds he’s way back to murder and dead children.

  • Jamie Hart

    gotta give some respect to Raspberry, she's out here glaring down Potato like "you may have killed me, but you will be playing my games". mad props

  • Ion_H
    Ion_H  +422

    The episode can't be over.... What about the radio signals? The numbers? This is literally a "WHAT DO THEY MEAN, MASON?" moment and it goes completely unmentioned

  • Mr. Rocketman


  • S- CC
    S- CC  +392

    Personally, I'm wondering how each Chompette's food type was chosen in the first place. How is this decided according to the rules of the Lore here? If the Chompettes are related - why wouldn't Cornbread be related to Bread rather than Onion?

  • Father Alexander Anderson

    I love how MatPat has a conditioned response to crank up brightness when he sees a dark image

  • Megan
    Megan  +649

    One of the game's endings backs this theory up. In the ending where Karen falls in love with you she ends up passing years later. The player character tries everything he knows to keep her alive and can't understand why it's not working. It's because she isn't possessed by the Baba Yaga.

  • Andrew Wang

    A story about kids getting murdered in a "backroom" and possessing inanimate objects? I must say, MatPat really has a talent for these sort of stories.

  • Zushi Bot
    Zushi Bot Hace 21 un día +132

    "being a one man cannibal is lonely. But getting to share that with someone... Priceless."

  • doookiv
    doookiv  +518

    I love how the girl that might be raspberry just looks bored while there's a person with a knife looming over her and her friends

  • LanieMae
    LanieMae  +70

    I love how slavic mythology is getting represented more in recent indie horror games with leshy from Inscryption being, well, a leshy and in this with the Baba Yaga

  • TimeBucks

    appreciate the amount of effort he puts in this video

  • Mangos
    Mangos  +311

    The true mystery: Anatoly's squirrel creature

  • Mia V
    Mia V Hace 28 días +47

    Okay I’m going to be honest, whoever did the voices for the compettes, props to them! Amazing voices and amazing acting! 👏👏👏

  • Purify
    Purify  +226

    “The show that would never think of eating it’s friends, cause it doesn’t have any.”

  • Don't read profile photo

    MatPat: "Welcoming a new vegetable to the group, Turnip."

  • Media The netrunner

    Im surprised matt didn't mention the ending you get when you max out Karen's hearts. The two of you form a little cannibal family

  • Silver Wolf

    I played this game blind and it was really scary. It was psychologically painful to watch Gregor on the couch limbless and I was crying on the floor when I first saw it. Great to see a second theory on it!