Game Theory FNAF Mysteries SOLVED Pt 2 (FIRST HALF)

  • Publicado el 5 may 2015
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    So as you can tell, FNAF didn't come out yesterday. The problem is that the day of the upload, I got a copyright strike on the channel. It's all being worked out, but the thing is, when there's a strike on the channel, you can no longer upload videos longer than 15 minutes, which complicates things since the final episode is 18 minutes.
    But thank you for your patience. I know you guys have been eager for both this theory and its conclusion, and I've been trying my best to get it to you as fast as possible. Hopefully, it was worth the wait [theorist fist] :)
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Comentarios • 23 725

  • Carsyn Owens
    Carsyn Owens Hace 2 años +12

    Theory:Scott is a fan of this game theory series so he keeps making new games

  • XPJaY
    XPJaY Hace un año +4

    Who else is here rewatching all the fnaf theories to just, you know, get all caught up.

  • King Dtrix
    King Dtrix Hace un año +1

    MatPat: "There is not a single place in the world where November is Summer."

  • Bingo
    Bingo Hace un año +3

    I actually really liked phone guy, he was very comforting, and somewhat relatable.

  • JinxIsBetterThanYou
    JinxIsBetterThanYou Hace un año +7

    MatPat: “This is the final theory!” “FNaF is over!” “Last FNaF theory!” “This is the complete timeline!” “The FNaF finale!” “We’ve solved FNaF!” “FNaF is finally solved!

  • Masans
    Masans Hace un año +655

    “We found a vintage audio training cassettes. Dude these are like prehistoric! I think they were like training tapes.”

  • SapperTrap
    SapperTrap Hace un año +1

    Little did he know making these theory he’s damned for eternity

  • Elizabeth Schuyler
    Elizabeth Schuyler Hace un año +2

    Matpat: it’s complicated

  • StarWink
    StarWink Hace un año +4

    MatPat: “The 2 sequels made this story complicated”

  • Daniel Miramontes

    Matpat: The game and its timeline is starting to get a little complicated

  • Canadian Ale
    Canadian Ale Hace un año +3

    "How many FNAF games and books are you going to make Scott?"

  • solb
    solb Hace un año +168

    scott after watching this video :”there’s so many things i haven’t done. just you wait. just you wait”

  • Jhon
    Jhon Hace 3 años +5

    First 4 games: Alright so its just about a killer and his family.

  • The Cardboard Box
    The Cardboard Box Hace 2 años +1

    I remember feeling like I knew everything after watching these.

  • Jayden
    Jayden Hace 2 años +814

    Binging these theories during quarantine is making time fly

  • Javonteprods
    Javonteprods Hace un año +257

    “We’re interested on how this whole thing ends” Oh matpat...

  • Du Da
    Du Da Hace 2 años +297

    Anyone rewatching to watch mattpatt go mad throughout this series to keep entertained on quarantine

  • Agent Duck
    Agent Duck Hace un año +72

    If you look at the change of hidden stuff as the games go on, it seems after Matpat started to go over the games Scott started to make the lore more complicated.

  • Morgan Brown
    Morgan Brown Hace 2 años +6

    "when the games weren't complicated"

  • Bush Boy
    Bush Boy Hace un año +482

    Me getting irritated that he doesn’t know about all the lore in this series: