Game Theory: The KILLER'S Promise | FNAF Sister Location

  • Publicado el 29 oct 2016
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    It's NEVER over with FNAF, and it's NEVER over for FNAF's most notorious killer, William Afton, AKA the Purple Guy! With this latest installment of the FNAF franchise, I finally found something I've never been able to find in any of the games leading up to this one: a REASON for the killer to hunt down and kill children. Now for the first time ever we can put together pieces of the FNAF universe that have never made sense and finally understand who will "Put you back together..."
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Comentarios • 107 847

  • CrusaderTime
    CrusaderTime Hace 2 años +858

    Matpat: on a scale from 1 to 10 how complicated is the timeline?

  • BeetYeet
    BeetYeet Hace un año +3

    When you've stanned Game Theory for so long you don't even remember how you were introduced to it.

  • Hey_itshaley


  • Peapods :)
    Peapods :)  +963

    Rewatching the old (and incorrect) theories is really fun

  • •Blossoming Beans•
    •Blossoming Beans• Hace un año +4

    “Now we have all the pieces to put together”

  • Brayden Ivory

    we have to give props to matt for spending literal years almost a decade on this game just for us

  • Supertron
    Supertron Hace 2 años +3

    One bad critic led to Scott making Fnaf.

  • Plantimations!
    Plantimations! Hace un año +3

    “Now we have all the pieces to put together!”

  • A J
    A J Hace un año +2

    If we picked slender he would still have his sanity

  • GreenBincha

    What’s really funny is that I’ve never played fnaf but I’ve watched every single one of these theories at least twice

  • Dabermcdabberson
    Dabermcdabberson Hace un año +6

    "father its me Michael" "they didn't recognize me at first but then... they thought i was you" you could tell that was for matpat and matpat alone

  • nammio
    nammio  +88

    I'll say, these Fnaf theories are literally my source of motivation, but i love, how greately these theories are made, it's so- amazingly done and thought through.

  • Frankie G
    Frankie G Hace 2 años +14

    rewatching these knowing that the timeline doesn’t end is kinda funny

  • Nyssa R C
    Nyssa R C Hace un año +2

    “Can a game make you feel sympathy for a child murderer?”

  • LightningLances
    LightningLances Hace un año +2

    the fact that the 7 million theorist has doubled since then warms my heart

  • Sean Miller

    I love watching old theory’s and just saying WRONG when he says something that’s proven wrong in the new games

  • Cursed_Jinx
    Cursed_Jinx Hace un año +852


  • Chance Christian

    rewatching these to see if there was any connection between the old theories and the current FNAF Security Breach theories, and this is the closest connection ive seen so far

  • Karma
    Karma Hace un año +3

    It's kinda impressive that he guessed that Willy was researching remnant before we even knew what that was

  • William Albright
    William Albright Hace un año +1

    "Can a game make you feel sympathy for a child murderer?"