Elden Ring's STRONGEST Weapon is... a Shield?! | The SCIENCE of Elden Ring

  • Publicado el 13 abr 2022
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    Theorists, the channel is FINALLY covering the most popular game right now... Elden Ring. Austin is OBSESSED and had a topic he needed to cover. What is the strongest weapon in Elden Ring and why is it the shield? Get ready to boot up your Soulsborne game and start whacking your enemies to death. Take it away Austin!
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Comentarios • 2 594

  • Evan McKee
    Evan McKee  +662

    The better solution you asked for: the player character model is listed as 1.7 meters in game. Ask Zullie the Witch

  • Help me reach 100k Subscribe

    Imagine how broken the Hylian Sheild would be if a normal one is that broken.

  • Null Soul Slayer

    Question: If Radhan learned how to use gravity magic to ride his horse, does that mean that his swords could potentially be lighter? or worse, heavier?

  • Parley Eon

    For the measurements: you could've used size of your sword. Swords had usually very similar sizes. Just need to remember that, despite it's name, "longsword" in ER is definitely NOT a longsword. Heck, if you needed something less confusing in name, You could've used Flamberge (which I think historically has the least amount of length variation).

  • LordBloodySoul

    This just makes me consider doing an "only-shield" run xD

  • Potatochip Clips

    I like how Austin has taken up the mantle of how old game theory was. Not as much ARG and deep dive into lore but more based in math and real world physics. I like both and I think both forms are crucial to game theory but it is nice that there is still a space for science as well as lore based theories on this channel.

  • Tiff Tiff❤️

    could you use one of the small crab enemies as a "ruler" by comparing it to a large earth crab like the coconut crab?

  • Ezez Ezez
    Ezez Ezez  +62

    “I’m sure there’s someone stronger than him that swings way faster”

  • Mario Arreguin

    Interesting thought: for measurement, use the crab. What if you’re just incredibly small in elden ring?

  • Gucci Crimson

    In terms of measurement, modding is the way to go. Souls games give coordinates in meters, and the player character is 1.7m tall. So by using cheat engine you can freeze an enemy's AI and then teleport from one side of something to the other, and check the coordinates to measure a distance.

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement Hace 4 horas +2

    Love how the character model actually is 1.7 meters and Austin just managed to guess almost on point.

  • F N F
    F N F  +3

    I’ve always thought that Austin should record a regular game Theory video and MatPat should record a The Science of video. I think that would be cool.

  • darktimber13

    In terms of a measurement metric, I would suggest using wolves. Mundane wolves are common all over the lands between and they have nearly the same coloring as a grey wolf in our world.

  • Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    Oh yeah, you also have to remember that in the lore, he mastered gravity magic, so they probably weigh next to nothing for him. That is also why he can still ride his horse and why he becomes a live meteor mid fight

  • Allyn pierson

    I’m always so happy to see Austin’s videos pop up. The science and math is so interesting! And a nice change of pace for the usual LOOOOORE.

  • Javier
    Javier  +5

    High melee damage reduction shields have long been one of the difficulty sliders for the game. Often a class starts with it and/or there is one very early in the game. That's part of the reason why the tried and true knight build works for a lot of players; other builds tend to be more risk/reward.

  • Neo Lord

    you could take a sword like.. the zewihander that exists and real life and approximate the size of radahn's sword like that. Might not be 1:1 with the irl and in game version but probably more consistent than the average human height metric.

  • Whiled
    Whiled  +756

    If you want a measurement you can reliably take, death falls happen at exactly 20m in game, and damaging falls at 16m. You can use those as a point of measurement by finding a cliffside that is on the edge of being 20m. For more info, you can view:

  • Artifi
    Artifi  +8

    About the pixel measurements Austin