Game Theory: Duck Season's KILLER DOG... Unmasked! (Duck Season)

  • Publicado el 29 dic 2017
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    Duck Season is a game that seemed pretty straight forward, but it went from zero to DARK really fast. We are left wondering so many things after completing the game. How does this dog come out of the cartridge? Why is he preying on children? And most importantly... Who is beneath the mask? Well Loyal Theorists, I think I found the answer. Join me for a creepy trip through VR land as we uncover the shocking truth of the "Duck Hunt" universe!
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Comentarios • 36 312

  • Drifting Clouds
    Drifting Clouds Hace 2 años +5787

    Stephanie’s nugget voice will NEVER get old

  • Mailing Account
    Mailing Account Hace 6 meses +812

    I love how MattPat mentions the Fiesta ending first as if 90% of us didn’t start the game off off by shooting the dog.
    He’s so innocent 😇

  • Mari Bakugou:3
    Mari Bakugou:3 Hace 5 meses +110

    What if Matt Pad is just building up a HUGE theory about his channel? And he is expecting us to solve it like a true theorist fan? Now THAT would be AMAZING

  • Noterobrine 99
    Noterobrine 99 Hace 9 meses +199

    Developers: "We need another lighting effect for the secret ending... Let's just re-use the one from the dead ending to save space, time and resources"
    Matpat: "And this is how he got trapped into the cartridge!"

  • Akish
    Akish Hace 6 meses +136

    So this game is basically “what the dog doin’?”

    • GAB noob stopmotions
      GAB noob stopmotions Hace un mes


    • Amudeas
      Amudeas Hace 6 meses +2

      Yes, yes it is

  • Jelena Visic
    Jelena Visic Hace un año +7000

    Just imagine, one day, we discover a theory about this channel.

  • Jester Weasley
    Jester Weasley Hace 2 meses +17

    I remember when this theory first came out and it gave me nightmares, this game terrified me! One of the only “horror” things that gave me actual nightmares. Revisiting this now haha

    • Some Cat Lookin at you
      Some Cat Lookin at you Hace 7 días +1

      The blood soaked dog gave me nightmares and i couldnt sleep bruh the worst

  • Sir Nicholas
    Sir Nicholas Hace 6 meses +48

    The most unbelievable thing in this video is that nugget could rewind the VHS that fast

  • Speed Graiz
    Speed Graiz Hace 4 meses +9

    Fun fact: when you first watch on him he seems little bit paranoid after lot of videos you will say this is normal

  • Ivan Braginisky
    Ivan Braginisky Hace 2 meses +7

    This really takes “what the dog doing?” To another level

  • shieromaki
    shieromaki Hace 3 años +7465

    He didn't say "But hey it's just a theory, a game theory!"
    So is this canon?

  • Funkyenderman
    Funkyenderman Hace 7 meses +41

    to anyone with dereality issues: you are fine. you are real. you are safe. the ending wasnt serious. you are okay,you are alive.

    • vee
      vee Hace 29 días +4

      thank you this helped me so much. i'm obsessed with horror and this kind of horror is one of my favourites but i still can barely handle it because i start to convince myself it's real. we need more ppl like you in this world honestly

  • Lilly’s Unicorn
    Lilly’s Unicorn Hace 8 meses +18

    how is this channel so epic like he puts in so much effort. thank you mat :)

    HOURLYSNIPES Hace un mes +2

    This reminds me of how much I enjoyed seeing Cory played this

  • Licorice Liam
    Licorice Liam Hace 8 meses +16

    Ah, yes, the game that traumatized me for years. I remember this.

  • happy llama
    happy llama Hace un año +5072

    This theory is literally "you're my dad, boogie boogie boogie"

    • ok
      ok Hace un mes


    • Nice
      Nice Hace 2 meses

      @Puro very true

    • Puro
      Puro Hace 2 meses

      @Nice true

    • Nice
      Nice Hace 3 meses

      @🌌 Kaito Momota 🌌yes

    • 🌌 Kaito Momota 🌌
      🌌 Kaito Momota 🌌 Hace 3 meses

      @Nice I guess you agree?

  • power
    power Hace un mes +6

    3:36 the way matpat said "i think the game is trying to tell me something" is SOO funny

    • sarah ball
      sarah ball Hace un mes +1

      Hey cousin what u doin here

  • Help me reach 100k Subscribe

    Let's all agree that whenever she uploads our days get so much better ❤️

  • Ember Blossom
    Ember Blossom Hace 4 meses +1

    You're so cool dude. I watched so many playthroughs and played it myself, and I never wpuld have figured this out myself lmaooo

  • Mr Killzalot
    Mr Killzalot Hace 7 meses +1

    I love how it went from the dog being this kid's father to it being a creature that opened a rift in a tv to another dimension and it possibly being the kid himself grown up.

  • TheCreeperMan
    TheCreeperMan Hace 2 años +7992

    MatPat: “Do you have a framed picture of a celebrity in your house?
    People who frame autographs: *sweats profusely*

    • Fnako
      Fnako Hace 3 meses +1

      *me who has a picture of Billy Mays in my closet*:oh...

    • Mowie
      Mowie Hace un año

      @Lady Leviathan love him ❤️

    • E F
      E F Hace un año

      I have a framed picture of the go compare man over my mantle...

    • LilySun 10
      LilySun 10 Hace un año


    • Crazy Horse on The Run From The Police
      Crazy Horse on The Run From The Police Hace un año

      @woah, a frog wat

  • Evan V.
    Evan V. Hace 4 meses +1

    I remember first hearing about this game right when I got my psvr. Now I’m not a horror fan. But I like watching horror cause there’s always super interesting stuff going on. So I remember playing beatsaber at night after I just watched a ton of videos on this game and just felt terrified

  • CUBE inc. the channel
    CUBE inc. the channel Hace 2 meses +2

    2:57, i love how the closed caption is: "Matpats manly scream"

  • elisabetrouge
    elisabetrouge Hace un mes

    I love when MatPat is describing the ouija board part, there's a clip of him sitting down carefully spelling out the message then jumping when lightning strikes. 😂

  • The Gaming Corner
    The Gaming Corner Hace 2 días

    I just need a hour long video of Nugget flying through space.

  • Chill Egg
    Chill Egg Hace un año +2030

    "It's not like you have actor's pictures framed from commercials"
    JonTron: *Nervously shaking*

    • Avid Collector
      Avid Collector Hace 3 meses

      I still have the picture that came with the picture frame I bought.

    • Thea.
      Thea. Hace un año +1


      GODOFAWSOMENESS1 Hace un año +1

      Too chill! You are too chill!!! You need to be less chill before you freeze the Earth!

    • Embers
      Embers Hace un año

      R u flamingo

  • Ebu-ül Hashkaqh il Quibariye

    5:06 ;
    Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) are domesticated mammals, not natural wild animals. They were originally bred from wolves. ... They are sometimes called "canines" from the Latin word for dog - canis. Sometimes people also use "dog" to describe other canids, such as wolves. A baby dog is called a pup or puppy.

  • scoopDwoop
    scoopDwoop Hace 6 meses

    5:05 whoever edited those sound effects deserves a raise

  • Imogen Scott
    Imogen Scott Hace 3 meses

    I love it when it says “we see the dog get shot, an excessive- and then the dog comes on with the widdened eyes 👀 and just stares

  • Funko pop Anne
    Funko pop Anne Hace 4 meses

    Steph's nugget impression is soooooo accurate

  • Kulzz RelXerd
    Kulzz RelXerd Hace 10 meses +2343

    "We see the dog slowly walking towards us before the company logo appears upfront, covering up what the dog is about to do"
    *W H A T T H E D O G D O I N ' ?*

    • Inanimate Orange
      Inanimate Orange Hace 21 un día


    • MC Triple Fatal
      MC Triple Fatal Hace 28 días

      @Jair Beltran indeed I did. Funny how we both saw each other again. I remember u to

    • Jair Beltran
      Jair Beltran Hace 28 días

      @MC Triple Fatal hey I know you, you commented on rapping for jesus

    • Ayish
      Ayish Hace un mes

      W H A T T H E D O G D O I N' ?

  • Internet Person
    Internet Person Hace 2 meses

    Originally I had assumed the dog was his dad, but this downright proves it!

  • Giovanny Flores
    Giovanny Flores Hace 8 meses +1

    Does anyone else feel weird when hearing nugget without jack voicing him

  • Itz_Me (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

    I am just hearing about this game after 4 years. Also As soon as I saw the game play through I knew that Mat Pat had to have a video about this 😀 it has lore screaming his name

  • S R
    S R Hace 2 meses

    We must protect nugget at all costs

  • Blake
    Blake Hace 2 años +2135

    David: Can we get a cat?
    Mom: we’re getting a dog
    David: Awwww

    • Grey Thomas
      Grey Thomas Hace 2 años

      Am I the I only that thinks of The Edge of sleep when they see David

    • kel
      kel Hace 2 años

      the most hilarious thing is that i imagined this in my head

    • Garnet Universe
      Garnet Universe Hace 2 años +1

      I love dogs. Cats ehhhhh not so much.

    • Nick_2k
      Nick_2k Hace 2 años +1


    • BB
      BB Hace 2 años +2

      Maybe that's why they have a cat clock lol

  • Takeshi Kujo
    Takeshi Kujo Hace 6 meses +2

    6:54 - 7:06 Gives “putting down” a whole new meaning.

  • Saylor Firestine
    Saylor Firestine Hace un día

    When I was younger, I used to absolutely LOVE duck-hunt... when I was six..... now I’m ten... cause my brothers friends had that game and I thought it was so fun!

  • Noob-Tastic
    Noob-Tastic Hace 2 meses +1

    4:56 My favourite line from matpat

  • Reitanna Seishin
    Reitanna Seishin Hace 2 meses

    i'm watching this after knowing the creator said the dog isn't the dad, and i'm sitting here with all the connections matpat's pointing out, and i'm like, "how is it NOT the dad???"

  • DarkShadic 9632
    DarkShadic 9632 Hace 2 años +1095

    Dog: **tries to kill David**
    David: I’m about to ruin this man’s whole career.

    • Shin
      Shin Hace 2 años +1

      Dog 🐕 goes after David David:Ome wa mou shindinru pulls out light zapper. Dog 🐕:NANI

    • Kingman2500
      Kingman2500 Hace 2 años +1

      Sun when I shoot it with a golden shotgun: i’m about to end this mans whole reality

    • peach milk
      peach milk Hace 2 años

      DarkShadic 9632 *not clickbait*

    • Nathaniel Hamer
      Nathaniel Hamer Hace 2 años


    • Doki Doki Otaku
      Doki Doki Otaku Hace 2 años

      666 likes wtf

  • Kunnyfunte
    Kunnyfunte Hace 3 meses

    Steph would be great as a South park voice actor with that nugget impression

  • Ghost Boi
    Ghost Boi Hace 6 meses

    I have no idea why, but seeing a 2d nugget in a 3d space gives me joy

  • Jordan🐀
    Jordan🐀 Hace 20 días

    I don’t care what anybody says, I love how matpat makes his intro unique for most videos (I think all but I’m not sure😅) Like in one of his DHMIS theory’s the intro was his version of the computer song from DHMIS 4 and how nugget is in the intro of this video😌

  • ⚤Toaster._.Pebble⋈
    ⚤Toaster._.Pebble⋈ Hace 6 meses

    I’m rewatching this rn and I rlly love this intro!

  • The MrMcNuggett
    The MrMcNuggett Hace 2 años +3857

    So in this episode, *WE* are Nugget

    • Owen R
      Owen R Hace 2 años

      Now I have an excuse to commit war crimes nonstop, each time violating the Geneva conventions

    • Goda Linkutė
      Goda Linkutė Hace 2 años

      @pizza frog..-.

    • Goda Linkutė
      Goda Linkutė Hace 2 años

      *nugget forgot to wipe out The rest.. *

    • Jackie Matanza
      Jackie Matanza Hace 2 años

      @Ayano Aishi no
      *C0MmUnISm NOiSeS*

    • Nugget
      Nugget Hace 2 años

      nugget hates McDonald's nugget makes his own

  • GippyHappy
    GippyHappy Hace un mes +1

    You're telling me this game was found at a crime scene and one of the cops was like "oi better return this piece of evidence to the vidja store" and that happened, not once, but _eleven_ times before?

  • ScaredyBranch
    ScaredyBranch Hace 9 meses +1

    "the dog is absolutely your dad"
    game developers: *laughs maniacally*

  • PeachieCenzie
    PeachieCenzie Hace 3 meses

    I don't know why but I always come back to these videos. The dog freaks me out to no end not sure why I know it's now real and can't kill me but he does but these theory vids of this game are just so fun to come back and re watch 😭

  • Ann Crockett
    Ann Crockett Hace un mes

    3:13 man who needs vast open worlds and new interesting locations when one of the best vr titles of the years has such a captivating main setting

  • Joelski
    Joelski Hace 6 meses

    This was the first game theory video I ever watched I watch it all the time it’s super funny bone chilling and cool. And I didn’t come through because fnaf 🤣

  • 290 B.Ambareeshan VIIK
    290 B.Ambareeshan VIIK Hace 6 meses +1

    this intro never gets old

  • Well_Oof
    Well_Oof Hace 2 meses +1

    Legend says he's still looking for help out of that tv

  • Reality’s Mega Drive

    Matpat: *pleading for his life*
    Nugget: Nugget misses the part where that’s his problem.

  • SkyeGames🇺🇦
    SkyeGames🇺🇦 Hace un año +822

    The “best men” ending is the equivalent of putting ur dog down ( but this one deserved it)

  • Secret Account That Only The FBI Can Find Me

    This takes “What the dog doin” to a whole other level

  • quosshi
    quosshi Hace 9 meses +1

    Ah yes the nostalgic intro.brings back memories 👶

  • zomzomino
    zomzomino Hace 5 meses +1

    1. Nice community reference
    2. How does that prove that its a human? Dogs also bleed when being shot, its not like we're the only beings with blood

  • wool
    wool Hace 28 días

    I was genuinely waiting for the big twist to be "The dog is your dad"

  • TNA9
    TNA9 Hace un año +2971

    I remember when Nugget was a character in game theory. Simpler times

  • Stela Georgieva
    Stela Georgieva Hace 3 meses

    I got goosebumps from the part where he shows us the “It’s me!” tape.

  • Iru Schmidt
    Iru Schmidt Hace 29 días +1

    12:19 MatPat proactively writing Mirror Matt lore my friends

  • Brandon the youtuber
    Brandon the youtuber Hace 9 meses +1

    Imagine if he makes a meme theory channel lol

  • ✨AxolotlLover✨
    ✨AxolotlLover✨ Hace 8 meses +3

    Me not wanting too see all these videos about this game:
    Also me years later: *"alright time too watch it"*

  • Cameron Goode
    Cameron Goode Hace 3 años +15578

    Yeah I'd be pretty scared if I found out my dad was a furry too.

    • Wet cheeze
      Wet cheeze Hace 13 horas

      Oh my god lol

    • Xero
      Xero Hace 5 días

      @Aeon ooooooooooh kk cool

    • Aeon
      Aeon Hace 5 días

      @frosy chi everythinh

    • Aeon
      Aeon Hace 5 días

      @Xero check out v1nce

  • TheFoodieLoony
    TheFoodieLoony Hace 6 meses

    Matpat: its a game made by a fellow youtuber so its quite special
    Dani: ... hold my drink

  • Roger Stumb
    Roger Stumb Hace un mes

    Your intro never gets old

  • MR. choklet
    MR. choklet Hace 3 meses

    I love the introduction nugget just waching TV after killing a monster 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bananas aren’t real
    Bananas aren’t real Hace un mes +1

    I’m watching this at night rn after so long, and why tf did I just hear some sort of weird noise outside that was loud. God I knew I picked the wrong day to watch this 💀

  • Jacob
    Jacob Hace 4 años +8065

    My personal theory is that the boy that you play as is the Kazoo Kid, and this is his dark backstory

  • Goosebumps
    Goosebumps Hace 2 meses

    I feel like there is even more to this, I think the mom might know that her husband is trapped. She explicitly says "I'd shoot the dog" in a very disgusted voice like she hated the dog. It seemed like she knew her husband was trapped and strongly dislikes him.

  • Hauntedcheeseychips
    Hauntedcheeseychips Hace 2 meses

    I love Stephanie’s nugget voice

  • LeOneAndOnly-Gamer
    LeOneAndOnly-Gamer Hace 4 meses

    I love nugget ending the video lol


    The part where the dog says you’re his kid, reminds me of the part where Dr. Coomer said ‘Don’t let my bloody form frighten you, Gordon! It’s me, your friend! Doctor Coomer!’ In HL:VRAI Act 4.

  • esther paredesCerdan and Sugus candyfan

    Matpat--Fnaf in the 80s
    Scott 2 years later--GOOD I D E A

    • UnderTale 770
      UnderTale 770 Hace 2 años +2

      ThatOneGamingChannel05 doesn’t mean you should spread hate. Of course it’s not all happy but don’t spread it.

    • sean-iplyer
      sean-iplyer Hace 2 años +1

      Oh my god

    • UserNotFound404
      UserNotFound404 Hace 2 años +1

      For all the people saying it’s already in the 80’s, I know it’s true but, the new one ( into madness) is more designed around the 80’s. and, and not all the games are in the 80’s, most of them aren’t

    • Kimihamary_Vampire
      Kimihamary_Vampire Hace 2 años +2

      @Z3R0_Steam The two was fired because of "odor"

    • Z3R0_Steam
      Z3R0_Steam Hace 2 años +1

      since when was Michael *Afton* considered Mike Schmidt or Fritz Smith?

  • Jordan Dama
    Jordan Dama Hace 9 meses

    "But it appears that those are just red herrings." It's funny because the real red herrings are the ones he used for this theory.

  • illusion tales
    illusion tales Hace 6 meses

    If this man can do any theory on anything can he do a theory on creepypasta-i dont know

  • Tyfudr LOL
    Tyfudr LOL Hace 6 meses

    Every time I play as Duck Hunt in Smash I will remember this

  • Ras Aeron Raymundo
    Ras Aeron Raymundo Hace 6 meses

    The way that nugget plays the video from matpat begging it makes me feel he watched this before us he might know his entire life is a lie

  • Video Game News
    Video Game News Hace 4 años +2013

    Great theory, awesome video.

  • sun moon1744
    sun moon1744 Hace 5 meses

    Love the intro!

  • pluto ♡
    pluto ♡ Hace 27 días

    tbh i do feel like it was a pretty safe amount of firing considering 12 families have gone missing- 😳

  • Wolfie the werewolf 54
    Wolfie the werewolf 54 Hace 4 meses

    I just got a VR headset for Christmas I'm definitely going to play the game before I finish this video

  • JT Worsham
    JT Worsham Hace 2 meses +1

    I honestly like the father theory better as a story element rather than the confusing story we got from the game.

  • Dream Gang
    Dream Gang Hace 2 años +3685

    Me: *Gets killed by dog*
    My Mom: Its because you always played that game

    • JJ Gaming
      JJ Gaming Hace 2 años

      You're not wrong

    • Drifting Clouds
      Drifting Clouds Hace 2 años +1

      Karen: *vaccines*

    • GmodGuy
      GmodGuy Hace 2 años

      lutfi boiii some games cause violence....ever seen a video called “man thinks real life is grand theft auto”?
      Yeah this man played gta5 and stole a car and got into a high speed car chase in real life.

    • Buthler Salomon
      Buthler Salomon Hace 2 años

      Oh wait shes dead

    • captain Business
      captain Business Hace 2 años

      Well she’s not wrong

  • Steven Carlton
    Steven Carlton Hace 3 meses

    Stephenie does such an adorable nugget boy voice

  • BeigeBacchus
    BeigeBacchus Hace 7 meses +2

    im waiting for someone to do a theory on matpat

  • Xen Unstoppable
    Xen Unstoppable Hace 3 meses +1

    It would’ve been amazing if you through the wizard paper at the dog then started to beat it up

  • Goodfodderfc
    Goodfodderfc Hace 3 meses

    7:00 don’t think they shot the dog enough

  • kinda gay
    kinda gay Hace 2 años +678

    "Mom can we get a dog?"
    "Oh your father is the only animal in this house."
    "Mom... dad's gone missing a year ago.... mom? *MOM?* "

    • Notsogaming
      Notsogaming Hace un mes +1

      Another plot twist : your mom YEET your dad into da game

    • Anti-HyperLink
      Anti-HyperLink Hace un año +1

      And then you remembered that you're an orphan and you live alone.

    • Eva 12431
      Eva 12431 Hace un año +1


    • Gary
      Gary Hace un año +1


  • Randy Upshaw
    Randy Upshaw Hace 4 meses +1

    I feel like if mat ends his channels he is going to do what DAD did and make a new secret one that gives his own channel lore and that last fraction of the circle in the bottom right will have something with it

  • Ruby Klau
    Ruby Klau Hace 28 días

    6:51 the bullets just keep interupting Matt patt lol

  • ASND Central
    ASND Central Hace 5 meses

    Duck season is gotta be inspired by duck hunt!

  • Sigzey
    Sigzey Hace un mes

    The Lore of MatPat???? I'm gonna go try and solve it real quick. Hold my juice box please []

  • Joseikei
    Joseikei Hace 14 días

    11:06 I still get chills from that

  • The Other Gamer
    The Other Gamer Hace un mes

    i never saw the ending where you don't shoot the dog, i guess natural instinct

  • Just a guy on youtube
    Just a guy on youtube Hace 6 meses

    5:54 I am totally sure this line didn't predict a future meme

  • Asherdacatvr
    Asherdacatvr Hace 28 días

    I would like to point out the fact that maybe bone labs could hook up with duck season

  • Vanessa Alixinity
    Vanessa Alixinity Hace 2 años +1728

    "A guy in a dog suit came out of my TV and killed my mom and then attacked me, but I'm ok because I killed him with my Lazer zapper!"
    Believable... Yep...

    • DinoNuggets
      DinoNuggets Hace 4 meses

      @h r/wooooosh

    • Raymond [Deactivated]
      Raymond [Deactivated] Hace un año +2

      what if the mums fingerprints were still on there so the police think it was a suicide

    • STK Animations
      STK Animations Hace 2 años +1

      @Dick Simmons but then they see a dog running around killing everyone

    • Rachel McGowan
      Rachel McGowan Hace 2 años

      @h it's a joke

  • Froggy Shorts and Gaming

    Onestly game theory saved me from insanity