Game Theory: The SECRET Game You Didn't Find...(Inscryption)

  • Publicado el 8 ene 2022
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    In my last episode on Inscryption, we covered the main game... and the game within that game. Well today we are going to talk about the other game within both of those games that is even harder to find. Yes, Inscription is an ARG. Theorists, this game goes DEEP so let's not waste any time.
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick, Justin Kuiper and Tom Robinson
    Editors: Pedro Freitas and Tyler Mascola
    Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Comentarios • 21 124

  • Huntar Bates

    I would appreciate having another episode of this. If anyone is curious, all the answers are already laid out in the ARG doc in the description, but I like Matt laying it out and giving his take on this all. The final "overarching story" is quite fun.

  • JuiceX
    JuiceX  +1

    It’s actually insane how in depth Inscryption goes with the cipher and the P03 music and the STOP with the order of the cards is actually insane. I loved this game but this makes it even more insane

  • Artemis Praxius

    Personally, I love seeing how much thought and effort the designers put into their games. Not to mention, if Mat's having fun it makes it so much better.

  • Tiger Friend

    Yes absolutely keep going I’m totally invested and just being handed the end result would make me feel like I missed all of the build up! I find this game super interesting especially after watching Markipkiers playthrough.

  • Stephanie Thompson

    As someone who's in the middle of developing an indie game myself I do appreciate seeing all the work the devs put into making games like this. Quite inspiring.

  • Shadow
    Shadow  +77


  • E Valenic

    "Do you want me to continue this series?"

  • DJ Harris
    DJ Harris  +171

    I am SO interested in this game and the incredibly intense hiding and multi-layer searching you have done to find all this. I would LOVE to see you keep going :)

  • Satele
    Satele  +95

    I really do want to keep watching this, I'm really interested and just having answers in front of me wouldn't be as cool as knowing all the logic behind the clues to find said answers

  • Katie Kats
    Katie Kats  +104

    Gotta love ad placement.

  • LadyGwynn
    LadyGwynn  +76

    Yes, I would love to have more of this kind of puzzle-solving about this game!

  • Matato Piker

    Yes please, I’d love to see you keep digging through this. I’ve just finished watching Markiplier’s main play through and watched both your videos in one go and I’m a so intrigued.

  • Mu91c14n

    Mat, you explained it yourself: stopping a theorist is like stopping a train. You HAVE to finish this thing. And we NEED to know HOW you did it. Don't just spoon-feed us the answers, make our grey matter get extra wrinkly.

  • AliceGotLost

    The fact that an individual(s) CAME UP with this elaborate mystery chain is honestly the most insane part about this.

  • KohakuAmber22

    Just finished watching Mark's playthrough and I'd LOVE more videos on this. The puzzle stuff is really cool imo. I only wish you'd finished the series on GT Live.

  • Xx-sneezyanus69XD420MLGPUZZYSLAYER-xX AFTON gaming

    I have never had this much fun watching a game theory episode, please keep this up.

  • Zen Yarnell

    Please do another like this, it's so interesting to listen and learn about!

  • Shmu
    Shmu  +10

    I really wanna see more episodes of this! I had so much fun with Inscryption and now I’m having a lot of fun watching you break it down in detail

  • Jaedyn Prior

    "Do you want me to continue this series?"

  • Emily An

    I would LOVE to see more of this! Including the clues, it’s very interesting.