Game Theory: FNAF Sister Location DECODED! (FNAF 5)

  • Publicado el 15 jul 2016
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    Since the day FNAF Sister Location was announced, you've asked for theories about it! At first I didn't think there could be anything to say before the game actually came out, but I did my homework, dug into everything we know about the game...and found a few surprises. The result is today's theory, where I make my predictions for the latest iteration of FNAF...months before it even comes out! Am I right? Only time will tell...
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Comentarios • 84 639

  • WUT Joung Octojv
    WUT Joung Octojv Hace un año +12

    Its funny to see how the theories hes most confident in turn out wrong while the more outlandish ones turn out correct

  • RedHeadPlaya
    RedHeadPlaya  Hace un año +5

    MatPat: "The Puppet is the only human looking animatronic in the franchise"

  • a rock
    a rock Hace un año +5

    MatPat: puts clip of child jumping into ball pit

  • Malcolm Hudson
    Malcolm Hudson Hace un año +4

    It’s really hard to believe that Sister Location is almost 5 years old

  • meow
    meow Hace un año +2

    matpat found too much before the game launched,lets give him a controlled shock.

  • •Blossoming Beans•

    "To the novel"

  • Sidök
    Sidök Hace un año +2

    It’s actually really cool how much stuff he got right in this vid.

  • Casper Struik
    Casper Struik Hace un año +2

    Funny how one of mats animations is him jumping into a ball pit....

  • OsrosGaming
    OsrosGaming Hace un año +1

    Fnaf fans: are the books canon?

  • heyworldfullofpeople
    heyworldfullofpeople Hace un año +392

    I like how we just name characters "purple guy, phone guy, desk guy" and stuff like that😂

  • ToastedBread
    ToastedBread Hace un año +1

    I don't care how old this is. I will rewatch all of his fnaf theories honestly it's amazing

  • Help Please

    the fact he was able to piece together that Baby is the Crying Childs sister without SL even being released yet is insane to me

  • Thə Ālīən
    Thə Ālīən Hace 2 años +8

    The fact that this video is 3 years old makes me feel insanely old too.

    HEAVENLY_MAP_BOT_OFFICIAL_ Hace un año +783

    Matpat: “The fifth animatronic gives life to the other animatronics.”

  • Random Bot Dude
    Random Bot Dude Hace un año +3

    “Fnaf movie coming ever so closer...”

  • Messiah Guerrier

    “His first victim is Henry’s son Sammy”

    JELLYCAT Hace un año +1

    Mattpat: “This guy isn’t being booked at any children partys!!”

  • Kirb
    Kirb  +101

    Oh my God

  • mushybar
    mushybar Hace un año +6

    "and with the fnaf movie coming ever closer"

  • Empoleontrap 5555
    Empoleontrap 5555 Hace un año +1

    Mattpat: “This guy isn’t being booked at any children parties!!”