Game Theory: I Made Markiplier's PERFECT Pokemon! (Markiplier Smash or Pass)


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  • Devious.
    Devious. Hace 2 meses +62816

    And there, Matpat sat. He was wondering; "Could I do this?" He trembled for a bit before ultimately whispering "Yes." He thought he could do it, but he never considered... Should he do it? That has lead to today's episode

    • Dot
      Dot Hace 15 días

      @Don't read profile photo ok

    • Kirin
      Kirin Hace un mes +1

      @Official Foxy Gamez and Animations! He kinda didn't as explained in the intro

    • Blank face
      Blank face Hace un mes

      Propably the excact same think happent to mark

    • Just Weird Stuff Idk
      Just Weird Stuff Idk Hace un mes

      @JP do you really wanna sleep with a Pokemon who's in reality just a blob of goo

    • JP
      JP Hace un mes

      Omg why not ditto it can be any Pokémon

  • Rafael
    Rafael Hace 2 meses +13503

    there's something deeply hilarious about matpat having a spreadsheet on all the pokemon mark would smash

    • Imad Mukhtar
      Imad Mukhtar Hace un mes

      And it didn’t even pay off, because he ended up passing anyways

    • Jeff ozzy hunting
      Jeff ozzy hunting Hace un mes

      That real funny

    • strainer69
      strainer69 Hace un mes +1

      i love the phrase "deeply hilarious" for no reason

    • Large Boy
      Large Boy Hace un mes


    • kabano
      kabano Hace un mes +2

      I need that spreadsheet. We must go further: make a neural network learn Mark's deepest desires and guess smash/pass of the future pokemon generations

  • Wendigo Dragon
    Wendigo Dragon Hace un mes +2490

    Matt: "This is Mark's favorite Pokémon."
    Mark: "Listen, you're gonna laugh."

    • Ansun189
      Ansun189 Hace 27 días


    • Leo MarBel
      Leo MarBel Hace un mes +1

      @basic avarage person check out sucker for love: third date by markiplier. He confessed his love there. The

    • basic avarage person
      basic avarage person Hace un mes +4

      @PoTato Head PokéMario that Pokémon legit look like my sleep paralysis demon but dark

    • PoTato Head PokéMario
      PoTato Head PokéMario Hace un mes +12

      but mark wanted to say smash, and we all know if that was a real pokemon and not something designed to be his most smashable pokemon he'd hit smash

    • PoTato Head PokéMario
      PoTato Head PokéMario Hace un mes +13

      matt needs to keep trying

  • stargost
    stargost Hace un mes +1677

    Matt: "I made Markiplier scientifically perfect pokemon to smash!"
    Mark: "hmm... Pass"

    • Korinne Harper
      Korinne Harper Hace 7 días

      Matpat: SH-

    • For Lack of Better Productions
      For Lack of Better Productions Hace 9 días

      @Red yeah it's a world play joke from Sucker for Love. One is a horrifying eldritch monster, the other is a seductively horrifying eldritch monster based on the other.
      Also Markiplier while playing that game said smash multiple times for Nanlothotep.

    • Red
      Red Hace 10 días

      @For Lack of Better Productions Took me a hot second to realise you were talking about Nyanlathotep and not Nyarlathotep lmfao I was so confused

    • Dark Blue
      Dark Blue Hace 11 días +2

      hmm that face from 1:43 is from a loli doujin.

    • KingCobraBite
      KingCobraBite Hace un mes +1

      @stargost I cant even tell if you are still joking but that was pretty funny

  • Big Brain Cat
    Big Brain Cat Hace un mes +1339

    Imagine creating the most perfect pokemon for mark to smash
    until mark just says pass

  • THD
    THD Hace un mes +633

    Imagine being an artist who got the entire project crushed by a single word from Markiplier

  • Hue Man
    Hue Man Hace un mes +500

    I love that after all the build up, mark just passes it

    • Dark Blue
      Dark Blue Hace 11 días

      ima spread it

    • Dark Blue
      Dark Blue Hace 11 días

      @Next Line should have known from seeing that face that it was from a loli doujin

    • Next Line
      Next Line Hace 11 días +1

      i follow the man of knowledge and he told us 1:43 is from a loli doujin.

    • Cryptic Legends
      Cryptic Legends Hace un mes +9


  • Lemon Musk
    Lemon Musk Hace un mes +232

    Mark just crushed this entire project in a single second. Just goes to show his interests are that beyond our mortal understanding

    • Next Line
      Next Line Hace 11 días

      i come in
      il leave information
      1:43 is from a loli doujin
      i leave.

    • Mesa Simonson
      Mesa Simonson Hace un mes +4

      Hé just wants to stay unpredictable lol

    • dino dude
      dino dude Hace un mes +9

      Maybe because of the wormhole

  • Denzu
    Denzu Hace un mes +199

    Cant wait for mat to create a new one after markiplier's pass

    • Dark Blue
      Dark Blue Hace 11 días

      fun fact 1:43 was from a loli doujin.

  • Smoogly
    Smoogly Hace un mes +32

    You missed a key thing. In fact he even said that he had a thing for eyes. Where as the data you accumulated isn’t wrong the Pokémon you created has eyes that would physically kill you instead of being sultry. It’s also notably from Egyptian mythology, which he notably passed all of those Pokémon beforehand. Great job on it, you just missed a couple crucial things- which is why he passed it.

  • yaboiashy
    yaboiashy Hace un mes +50

    The fact that mark said pass to this Pokemon specifically designed for him to smash it, it's such a slap in the face to this effort.

  • Schwoop
    Schwoop Hace un mes +41

    Truly sad for Mat to have gone through such efforts only for Mark to say pass…

    • Next Line
      Next Line Hace 11 días

      mat goes through
      Putting a loli doujin
      at 1:43 what a chad.
      just for mark to say pass.

    • MrWhatdafuBOOM
      MrWhatdafuBOOM Hace un mes +8

      He said 'pass', but gave it a thumbs up.

  • bob
    bob Hace un mes +46

    Matt: *makes mark's perfect pokemon*
    Mark: "Pass."

  • MoistyBrownBoii
    MoistyBrownBoii Hace un mes +39

    And so the saga continues, Marks leering gaze has deemed his creation as a “pass”
    Mat finds himself trembling and on his knees, his mind searching every corner, uncovering every crevice, willing to delve into depths unknown to find out…

  • Xueria
    Xueria Hace 2 meses +1815

    I wanna see Markiplier's reaction to the custom made pokemon. I'm getting strong Ankha vibes, and I kind of love it.

    • Gamerdrache
      Gamerdrache Hace 4 días

      Ayo Wtf 🤨📸

    • Don't read my profile picture
      Don't read my profile picture Hace 2 meses

      Hey! DO NOT read my name! :3

    • HuneeBruh Gaming
      HuneeBruh Gaming Hace 2 meses

      The shiny should definitely be a yellow version

    • N Weasels
      N Weasels Hace 2 meses +1

      *wanders in and just sets up a boombox playing camel by camel on repeat before bailing out into the ether*

    • Yarilys Nicole
      Yarilys Nicole Hace 2 meses +1

      next video smash or pass animal crossing characters

  • WizardWorld321
    WizardWorld321 Hace un mes +38

    Matt: "This is Mark's favorite Pokémon"
    Mark: -thinks heavily- mhm... Pass

  • A-Oussan
    A-Oussan Hace un mes +14

    Well Mat, I guess you are going to have to create a new Pokemon for Markiplier now.

  • fall lada
    fall lada Hace un mes +13

    Matpat: *makes Marks perfect Pokémon*
    Mark: Pass

  • Dan Silvernight
    Dan Silvernight Hace un mes +13

    So now that Mark's reacted to MatPat's Pokémon, we need an updated episode from Game Theory!

  • FactualTemplar
    FactualTemplar Hace 2 meses +3239

    It is now a fact that MatPat not only has shown furry art on this channel, but HIRED someone to make it for him.

    • cringe culture is finished
      cringe culture is finished Hace un día

      "Furry" art. yeah. Sure. I guess it can be considered "art" but it isn't "Furry" art. Furry artists, paid ones especially, put way more effort from what I've seen than whatever this was.

    • [CrySa]
      [CrySa] Hace 15 días

      So pokemon are now considered furry art?

    • Blobber
      Blobber Hace un mes

      @Kirby With Legs "How much your going to give me?"

    • T s
      T s Hace un mes +1

      Only for this all go down in the drain

    • SomebodyNow _67
      SomebodyNow _67 Hace un mes

      @Fido the first word, and it’s not art

  • Nickai Peterson
    Nickai Peterson Hace un mes +5

    Alright, we need a smash or pass attempt 2 since this failed

  • Quantum Hatter
    Quantum Hatter Hace un mes +5

    Talks about how Mark likes Hawaiian themed pokemon.
    Has an Egyptian themed pokemon made.

  • drfreshest
    drfreshest Hace un mes +8

    Just watched Mark pass this specimen

    • MrWhatdafuBOOM
      MrWhatdafuBOOM Hace un mes

      He said 'pass', but gave it a thumbs up.

  • Nuddy
    Nuddy Hace un mes +14

    Mark has given his official response... It's a tragic day

  • TerraKage
    TerraKage Hace 2 meses +6628

    Markiplier: “We are going to smash and pass all Pokémon. And I will refuse to elaborate.”
    Mat: “Don’t worry. I’ll elaborate for you”

    • Luke Nabaro
      Luke Nabaro Hace un mes

      He did not do all pokemon.
      You see, there are actually 908 pokemon. Mark only covered 898, the ones in Galar. However, Pokemon Legends Arceus came in, delivering 7 new Pokemon. Not counting regional forms. Plus, they just released a snippet revealing another three Pokemon. And to all who have the Super Deluxe Essential Handbook (v2), that's outdated, with no Kubfu, Urshifu, Zarude, Fuecoco, Quaxly, Sprigatito, Hisuian Decidueye, Hisuian Qwilfish, Overqwil, Hisuian Sneasel, Sneasler, Enamorus, Hisuian Arcanine, Hisuian Growlithe, Hisuian Voltorb, Hisuian Electrode, Hisuian Typhlosian, Hisuian Samurott, Hisuian Lilligant, Hisuian Zorua, Hisuian Zoroark, Hisuian Sliggoo, Hisuian Goodra and finally, Hisuian Avalugg. That's 25 WHOLE POKEMON not in the book! Plus, Kubfu, Urshifu and Zarude are all in Galar!

    • Zen Calibur
      Zen Calibur Hace 2 meses +1

      some dude with a dog pfp named 'epic playz' yoinked your comment and got 1.5k likes, im being toxic.

    • DankTank
      DankTank Hace 2 meses +2

      15:52 idea for a name: Mahnkaton

    • Your Shoulder devil
      Your Shoulder devil Hace 2 meses +8

      @Markty 07 mat just knows everything, how we will never know, but he does.

  • DiamondRocksIt
    DiamondRocksIt Hace un mes +15

    Who is here after Markiplier made a video passing MatPats perfect pokemon?

  • VSink
    VSink Hace un mes +3

    Honestly i think she should be called "Lucino" because she honestly looks like a female variant of Lucario.

  • Peter Mica
    Peter Mica Hace un mes +11

    It's official Matpat, the theory has been busted.
    Mark's response:ídeo.html

    • e eefe
      e eefe Hace 13 días +1

      I feel like he just said that to hide how right Matt was

  • WunderFly
    WunderFly Hace un mes +17

    funniest part is Mark saying pass

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper Hace 2 meses +3294

    _"I made Markiplier's Perfect Pokemon"_
    _"I made Jacksepticeye's Perfect Animatronic"_
    _"I made Crankgameplay's Perfect Collab"_
    _After all these weeks, finally... I have them all_
    _The Unholy "Smash or Pass" Theory Trinity_

    • MiyuZuki
      MiyuZuki Hace un mes

      Imagine a ESclipsr that did a smash or pass on Undertale characters.
      “I made somebody’s perfect Undertale character!”

    • iyulien707
      iyulien707 Hace 2 meses +1

      "I made PewDiePie's perfect Minecraft mob"

    • Sylph Sylph
      Sylph Sylph Hace 2 meses +1

      just gotta wonder when his gf will sneak out to reveal the alternate version were its pat perfect everything :D

    • Dripski
      Dripski Hace 2 meses

      @MoonL13 Its not that hard to find if your in the Geometry Dash community

    • MoonL13
      MoonL13 Hace 2 meses

      @Dripski aeon was the first one i saw lol

  • Fowox_
    Fowox_ Hace un mes +10

    i love how mark said pass to the pokemon you made lol

  • SuperAlly
    SuperAlly Hace un mes +16

    Everyone: back to the drawing board

  • Randoze
    Randoze Hace un mes +10

    MatPat made a 16 minutes and 35 seconds video to introduce Mark's "Perfect Pokemon"
    Mark: *Pass*

  • Ell10t
    Ell10t Hace un mes +11

    This did not age well.

  • Angel Aguirre
    Angel Aguirre Hace un mes +6

    Wow… Markiplier “passed” his “perfect” Pokémon. I really thought he was gonna smash on that.

  • Launi Hotra
    Launi Hotra Hace un mes +5

    Their name should be Pastet or Passtet after the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet, and Marks pass on it.

  • Fluffy_the_skull_dog
    Fluffy_the_skull_dog Hace un mes +4

    Bruh I just came from Markiplier’s reaction video to his “Perfect Pokémon” and he passed it I’ve never laughed so much in my life

  • Random Boi
    Random Boi Hace un mes +7

    Matt: I think it turned out great!
    Mark: *pass*

  • Afterglow Ampharos
    Afterglow Ampharos Hace 2 meses +2107

    Imagine being the commission artist that MatPat approached with this art request. Imagine what that would feel like.
    Nothing against the art of course, it's just MatPat's request that's weird as hell

    • NikoTheWolf
      NikoTheWolf Hace 2 meses

      @so mad YES

    • Sir Broadsword
      Sir Broadsword Hace 2 meses +2

      Oh come on. Internet artists get weirder things in their sandwiches.

    • Pika Uzumaki
      Pika Uzumaki Hace 2 meses

      I was bout to say the same thing lol

  • Melany Morgenthaler
    Melany Morgenthaler Hace un mes +3

    Matpat: *makes a 16 min video in order to find and create markipliers perfect pokemon*
    Mark: *after careful consideration* ...pass. *likes video* *thumbs up*

  • Titanium 147
    Titanium 147 Hace un mes +4

    The idea of his pokemon is kinda shoving all your favorite flavors together to make a super favorite it doesnt work. None of them stand out

  • MrWhatdafuBOOM
    MrWhatdafuBOOM Hace un mes +14

    Mark said 'pass', but gave it a thumbs up.

  • Santino Espinoza
    Santino Espinoza Hace 22 días +2

    I demand a sequel until mark smashes it

  • Sunlight Sage
    Sunlight Sage Hace 2 meses +2447

    And about 4 days later, we see Markiplier in his natural habitat, foaming at the mouth over a 10 foot tall Egyptian cat woman live on camera.

    • Leyming
      Leyming Hace 4 días

      @Gamerdrache Okay? And this Is My profile picture since 2017

    • Gamerdrache
      Gamerdrache Hace 4 días

      @Leyming lol its my Gamertag since 2011

    • Leyming
      Leyming Hace 4 días

      @Gamerdrache Okay d r a c h e

    • Gamerdrache
      Gamerdrache Hace 4 días

      @Leyming go Touch Grass furry

  • Benci Udovch Gottdank
    Benci Udovch Gottdank Hace un mes +3

    Congrats guys, you got his attention lmao

  • Ed T
    Ed T Hace un mes +3

    Markiplier passed! We need a part 2!

  • o-o
    o-o Hace un mes +3

    it's funny because mark just straight up passes on matpat's pokemon

  • Amanda
    Amanda Hace un mes

    this makes me so happy that these two are doing videos together or about eachother lol

  • AJ Steynberg
    AJ Steynberg Hace 13 días

    You know, after doing this myself, Mark is actually pretty tame. At least when I compare his results to my own.

  • evildrkirby
    evildrkirby Hace un mes +3

    Lots of comments about Mark's reaction but very little mention that the created Pokémon looks suspiciously like Ankha, who is also internet famous for smashing.

  • Joey Sures
    Joey Sures Hace un mes +8

    As of this day, Mark has Passed on “Marks perfect pokemon”ídeo.html

  • BeanBoy
    BeanBoy Hace un mes

    I really like the design of it, personally. Really well done.

  • Livie Millie
    Livie Millie Hace 2 meses +2731

    Mark: "would mienshao make me a furry ... ?"
    Mark: "OOH MAGNETS"

    • webber
      webber Hace 2 meses

      @Arataki Itto huh interesting

    • Arataki Itto
      Arataki Itto Hace 2 meses

      @webber wait what yours only has 8 my one has one more eye per day and is 20 years old alr

    • webber
      webber Hace 2 meses +1

      @The Visitor WAIT WHAT? so you say cats dont have 8 eyes?

    • The Visitor
      The Visitor Hace 2 meses +2

      @webber do you live in Chernobyl? Foxes don’t have 9 tails

    • webber
      webber Hace 2 meses

      @kaikart ninetails is just a fox a nromal animal

  • Blight
    Blight Hace un mes +3

    This video was unbelievably dumb
    I love it

  • András Szalai
    András Szalai Hace un mes

    I almost exploaded of laughter at the first part

  • yes
    yes Hace un mes +10

    This aged like milk

  • Soulinger (Astray)
    Soulinger (Astray) Hace un mes +2

    Mark got the Probopass for this pokepass
    So, we shall pass

  • Jan Koflák
    Jan Koflák Hace 2 meses +5588

    Mark: "I'm not a masochist"
    *LIterally the first pokemon he would smash is a Beedrill*

      SEEMS LEGIT TO ME Hace 2 meses +2

      That would leave a mark forever.

    • Cameron J. Wallace
      Cameron J. Wallace Hace 2 meses +1

      Same for Arin, sooooooo

    • heh.
      heh. Hace 2 meses +3

      @Iris V bdsm is still masochism

    • mars
      mars Hace 2 meses +1

      he said smash on Vanilluxe.
      that was enough for me to register hah

    • Iris V
      Iris V Hace 2 meses +1

      He's not a masochist he just likes BDS-

  • Techyrelic
    Techyrelic Hace un mes +2

    I love how Mark was just like “hmmmmmmmmmmmmm... pass”

  • nelle_zombie
    nelle_zombie Hace un mes

    this is hilarious and unnecessary, i love it so much

  • Lifer
    Lifer Hace un mes +1

    Well we demand a sequel because this one's a pass

  • Mariel Martin
    Mariel Martin Hace un mes

    Mark Passes? What? I am still so proud of your dedication Matt! I love your theories! #TheoryCrew4Life

  • EpicPlayz
    EpicPlayz Hace 2 meses +1904

    Markiplier: “We are going to smash and pass all Pokèmon. And I will refuse to elaborate.”
    Mat: “Don’t worry. I’ll elaborate for you”

    • Zen Calibur
      Zen Calibur Hace 2 meses

      why do you yearn so heavily for the acceptance of others that you dont even know?
      we have zero opinion of you, not negative, not positive. it is neutral. yours should be neutral aswell.
      perhaps you were bullied alot when you were a kid. unless you still are a kid and is currently being bullied (rip bozo stop stealing comments).

    • Don't read my profile picture
      Don't read my profile picture Hace 2 meses

      Hey! DO NOT read my name! :3

    • Tails Clock
      Tails Clock Hace 2 meses +3

      ESclips could put an end to bot spam like this (and I include OP here, a comment thief bot.) so damn easily. But they'd rather disable the ability to prevent autoplay as their new update, instead of something that will actally make the site better.

    • PepinilloGuy
      PepinilloGuy Hace 2 meses +7

      @Степан Бандера🇺🇦 watch this ratio instead

  • Carlos Molina
    Carlos Molina Hace un mes +3

    Sadly mark did pass the pokemon you made, one day you will make the perfect one for him.

  • Mx B3Ar
    Mx B3Ar Hace un mes +7

    Looks like he passed on this one

    • MrWhatdafuBOOM
      MrWhatdafuBOOM Hace un mes

      He said 'pass', but gave it a thumbs up.

  • Transanpans
    Transanpans Hace un día

    absolutely love the art and the artist did amazing at designing a Pokemon, but the second I saw this I already knew mark wouldn't like it. it's not feminine(it was very gender neutral imo) or strong enough in appearance. Yes mark had outliers, but his preference by nature is still there.
    he likes them taller than himself and strong enough kill him in a flick of a finger, but have an appearance that can be viewed as a beautiful woman

  • Re: Start
    Re: Start Hace un mes +1

    Mat pat, we need a pt. 2!!

  • TheStreamingEnderman
    TheStreamingEnderman Hace 2 meses +5147

    Based on Mark's recent video expressing *INTEREST* in a giant Egyptian cat goddess, this already aged to perfection.
    Edit: This aged like clotted cream

  • LemonRoaster
    LemonRoaster Hace un mes +1

    I mentioned Markiplier in passing when I was talking to one of my friends and he was like, “You mean the guy who would smash a whalelord?”
    Yes, Carlos. Yes.

  • Ethanator The Random Gamer

    I love how it's just Rotom as the BFG9000 😂

  • DeathBlind984
    DeathBlind984 Hace un mes +1

    Matpat: This is his perfect Pokemon
    Mark: imma end this man theory

  • Bagel’s alt
    Bagel’s alt Hace un mes +1

    I think it’s hilarious how he said pass to this 😆

    BOMBFLOWER Hace 2 meses +12141

    Cleopetri: a name crossed between Cleopatra and the word Petrify. This new Pokemon is great and I think it's pre evolutions would be adorable.

    • Caiden Duncan
      Caiden Duncan Hace 2 meses +1

      True about pre-evolution

    • Caiden Duncan
      Caiden Duncan Hace 2 meses +1

      Maybe change it slightly to be more obvious like literally Cleopetrify or maybe Cleopetrifica or finally Cleopetrifi

    • Dylan T D
      Dylan T D Hace 2 meses +1

      I also think petri could be like Petri dish aka created in a lab, which is kinda what this was!

    • Sound Guy
      Sound Guy Hace 2 meses +1

      Petri dish

    • Some Generic Gaming Channel
      Some Generic Gaming Channel Hace 2 meses +1


  • nathan prins
    nathan prins Hace 12 horas

    we need more of these
    maybe one for the Game Grumps?
    also a try again for Mark

  • Sheamus TheFam ous
    Sheamus TheFam ous Hace un mes +1

    Matt you forgot the most important factor for Mark, a scale on the side that shows the Pokémon is 15ft tall.

  • RedPowerV-1962: House of Randomness

    Wow the result aged like milk

  • Railgun Nemesis
    Railgun Nemesis Hace un mes +3

    We’ve been tricked, we’ve been backstabbed and we’ve been quite possibly, bamboozled

  • Akerzy
    Akerzy Hace 2 meses +3777

    really went from catch em all to smash em all 💀

    • SirPH
      SirPH Hace 2 meses

      Your name has two different ways in the comments

    • Ho Lee Fuk
      Ho Lee Fuk Hace 2 meses

      Finally a hacked acc that made something original in the comments.

    • Don't read my profile picture
      Don't read my profile picture Hace 2 meses

      Hey! DO NOT read my name! :3

    • Lurch456 Youtube
      Lurch456 Youtube Hace 2 meses

      @ToxicWaste I feel like my live will end soon too soon because society is becoming to unempathetic and inhumane I am almost an adult... so yay but also morbid because its just suffering but I can't kill myself and i also secretly just enjoy the suffering and don't deserve anything else anyway :ASFE

  • xXFluffySockXx
    xXFluffySockXx Hace un mes +4

    A whole video proving marks perfect pokemon and the guy stil said pass 😭

  • Stuffie
    Stuffie Hace un mes +5

    Sadly mat did a pass on this pokemon so this is NOT the perfect pokemon

  • Mesa Simonson
    Mesa Simonson Hace un mes

    I love the shameless and super accurate cross-examination of Mark
    Tragic that he passed on the perfect Pokémon tho 😂

  • Jack Coliins
    Jack Coliins Hace un mes

    The amount of studying and calculations that went into a pass. You should make a mini pokedex for him

  • Boogie Boy
    Boogie Boy Hace 2 meses +1119

    matpat has seriously gotten to the point where he analyzes markiplier’s smash or pass episode on Pokémon to create the perfect soulmate
    and honestly I love it

  • C. Rodd
    C. Rodd Hace un mes +1

    I love that instead of mark swearing, he just goes, "DELELELELELEWOOOOOOOOOP"

  • ScienceRocks
    ScienceRocks Hace un mes

    "Stoopid-woopid, silly-willy in the best way possible"
    What a line, Matt. What a line.

  • adam122352
    adam122352 Hace un mes +4

    Everyone coming here after Mark's denial waiting for matpat to try again

  • Davis Remington
    Davis Remington Hace un mes +1

    Now you need to do a new one. Markiplier has deemed it “pass”

  • G.a.m.e
    G.a.m.e Hace 2 meses +4711

    I love how Matt Pat will literally tackle any subject you’re definitely the best

  • Rawiri Macdonald
    Rawiri Macdonald Hace 12 días

    Love the design Artist did so well, I do have an idea for the name it is Karakau It means Clawcat in Maori.

  • Drako2k0
    Drako2k0 Hace un mes +1

    Back to the drawing board. I think you should keep revising your perfect pokemon until it gets that Markiplier smash of approval

  • Stikbyte
    Stikbyte Hace un mes +2

    I know I’m a month late, but I found this video from Markiplier and tried thinking of a name for the Pokémon.
    I though of the name “Cedentalis” which is a variation of other synonyms of “Psychic”

  • JoshuaAushoj
    JoshuaAushoj Hace un mes +1

    Love that he passed it, didn't even smash it.

  • Snoopy102
    Snoopy102 Hace 2 meses +2678

    Did we seriously just dive headlong into “Smash or Pass” and discover a completely new section of the Markiplex?

    • Pajamanaut
      Pajamanaut Hace 2 meses +1

      Ayy DOOMORI Eternal

    • AZkiol
      AZkiol Hace 2 meses +7

      @Fading Signal he calculated the length of Luigi's member

    • Fading Signal
      Fading Signal Hace 2 meses +6

      @AZkiol wha- what Luigi video?

    • AZkiol
      AZkiol Hace 2 meses +4

      Did y'all just forget that Luigi video

    • coolguyamron
      coolguyamron Hace 2 meses +6


  • Steve Elders
    Steve Elders Hace un mes +1

    Ankhet would be a decent name for Mark's perfect pokemon. Ankh for the Egyptian symbol for Life, with the Et referencing Bastet, the Egyptian Goddess of Cats

  • standardpack
    standardpack Hace un mes +8

    Markiplier: "Pass."

  • WolfyBlueEyez
    WolfyBlueEyez Hace un mes +4

    Markiplier: *PASS...*
    ( *Matpat will remember that.* )

  • PaintSheep
    PaintSheep Hace 4 días

    *Waits for Austin to finally make a video about Diglet and Digtrio's destructive power*
    There must be some consequence to being able to move at the speed of light

  • Arcade Assassin
    Arcade Assassin Hace 2 meses +37925

    I have never been more scared to click on a game theory video in my life

  • Omesa
    Omesa Hace 24 días +1

    Matpat: just smash it
    Mark: i think i'll.... *pass*
    Matpat: I am ded

  • Jasonixel
    Jasonixel Hace un mes

    Well since it's clearly got some inspiration from Egyptian culture, could call it Basnubis (A mix of Anubis and Bastet, cat and jackal gods.)
    Design wise, I'd say it just feels like a very cliche modge podge of Egyptian culture and gods. It's not a bad idea but it can be improved upon with just a little research on Egyptian gods and deities.