Game Theory: FNAF, Four Games. One Story. And FNAF Theory Talkback!

  • Publicado el 18 dic 2015
  • Video STARTS at 0:27 . It's the first LIVE episode of Game Theory, where we outline the FINAL timeline for Five Nights at Freddy's and then join up with Dawko, Razzbowski, Smike, and 8-Bit Gaming to put a close on the last year of FNAF.
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  • brightly virya
    brightly virya Hace un año +3

    Matpat :

  • I'risss
    I'risss Hace un año +9

    I wish I could write essays like MatPat writes his scripts-

  • IHopegood
    IHopegood Hace un año +2

    We can all agree on one question that needs solving: What happened to Scott as a child?

  • DarqMice
    DarqMice  +338

    Scott has been following MatPat for 8 years and trolling him and honestly I respect that.

  • damnsk1ppyt0th3javab3an
    damnsk1ppyt0th3javab3an Hace un año +4

    MatPat right after finishing this video: "I've... I'VE... IVE DONE IT- IVE COMPLETED THE FNAF STORY- FINALLY!!!!!"

  • Hallee Dahlgren

    Rewatching this series, this would make perfect sense back then, especially since dreams can feel like they are lasting hours, but in reality it is only taking minutes which relates to how long every “hour” is in the game.

  • jayjay 36733
    jayjay 36733 Hace 2 años +2

    Mat:”This is my final video on FNAF!”

  • Lydia Nasmyth
    Lydia Nasmyth Hace un año +5

    “This will be my last theory”

  • Spudd
    Spudd Hace un año +2

    2015: it’s no dream

  • Connor Orr
    Connor Orr  +150

    I’ve heard Mat say multiple times already that he’s figured out FNAF and I’m on video 10/52 😂 If he only knew what was in store… Anyone else binging these before the Security Breach Theory drops?

  • Tojiichi
    Tojiichi Hace un año +495

    Imagine if Scott actually had no idea what he was doing and matpat was just piecing together coincidences

  • A E
    A E  +69

    4 definitely feels like a child’s dream. You’re child’s height being terrorized in your room. But it seems strange that a child would also specifically dream that they are a night security working minimum wage. But what if you aren’t? What if the dream is that you are a kid locked in Freddy’s after hours and you make your way to the security room where you try to survive until morning. We assume the prerecorded msgs are meant for you, but maybe they weren’t, and you’re just a kid listening to them as device to teach you the game mechanics. I also always assumed that you were sitting down as the security guard. You’re eye height with the buttons in the first game, even though in reality you would have to get up every time you want to press them. Maybe you’re eye height because you’re a child who’s standing. But then there’s the paychecks at the end of the game which is a real wrench in the theory…. Idk I just had this thought while they were talking and thought it would be interesting to share.

  • Noah Casini
    Noah Casini Hace 2 años +3

    So Im stuck home because of corona waiting for me outside and I decided to watch these videos again and I can’t help but laugh when he says I have fnaf figured out.

  • Biohazard
    Biohazard Hace un año +920

    Scott: Have you ever scene a game with the most complex lore before?

  • W H E E L
    W H E E L Hace un año +1


  • bvnnxiiz
    bvnnxiiz  +29

    Revisiting years later when I am old enough to comprehend and understand everything. Here are my thoughts as of 2022. I think, it could be either theory. But, I agree most with the theory of the in between that MatPat presents. And uhm… where the hell is that fnaf movie we have been waiting 6-7 years for??.. 😭

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous Hace un año +1

    Matpat: sister locations

  • Tylertoons

    I think, as a person from the future, the dream theory held on because the story was never complete at this point compared to now. At least in the original games sense.

  • NicoBros
    NicoBros Hace 2 años +4


  • *-Tilly-*
    *-Tilly-* Hace un año +1

    "And sister locations"