Game Theory: The Grim Lore of Cooking Companions

  • Publicado el 4 abr 2022
  • Can you EAT your clothes to SURVIVE? Check out the Food Theory ! ►ídeo.html
    Theorists, not since Doki Doki Literature Club have I seen a game that makes me scared the cute character is going to come out of the computer and get me. Welcome to Cooking Companions, the sweet looking cooking game that is hiding some unimaginable horrors. You'll have to grab a snack and watch to find out what secrets I've uncovered. Be careful though, you never know what may be hiding in your food.
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
    Editors: Pedro Freitas, Jerika (NekoOnigiri), and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
    Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • Deer Dream Studios

    I cannot believe this happened: HUGE thanks to MatPat and the GT community! If you want to support the new story content's development: pick up the game on Steam! THANKS FOR WATCHING/PLAYING everyone! Find me on Twitter/TikTok/ESclips/Instagram. Leave a question below and I'll try to answer it.

  • ThunderJimmy

    Cannibalism isn't even the most uncomfortable aspect of this game, which in itself is unusual.

  • TarasRex

    As a Ukrainian it was so interesting to watch this episode and see how you talk about our history and folklore. Can't wait for the second part

  • iimuchii

    Fun fact: Baba Yaga also rides in a mortar which she drives with a pestle. These are used for grinding herbs or spices. Ties into the cooking theme!

  • Emma P-4

    When he said "pets" under the category edibles, I was horrified. I can't imagine being pushed to the brink to survive like that. It's something that reminds me how lucky I am and how much support the world needs. I just wish I could give it

  • Mimic3
    Mimic3  +1

    One thing I want to mention that aprooves of the "Baba Yaga" theory, if during the Nightmare Mode you spam the "RUN" option, you get an additional scene where a polish woman comes to the cabin to arrest us and reffers to us as "ma'am"

  • Electric Danish

    MatPat: "Kinda like pringles"

  • Initials LEO

    Anatoly: F is for-

  • AroseGaming

    I looked into it a little bit, There is actually a male "Baba Yaga" that might fit the story line more. "Koshchei the Immortal" is related to Baba Yaga, typically her son or nephew, and he's 'a deity who cyclically dies and is reborn' which fits better with your idea that the power is handed down from person to person. There are also references to Baba Yaga having a pet cat thats described as 'particularly clever' (that might be her), invisible servants (might be the chompettes in this case), and possibly a daughter. I didn't do any extensive research, just thought these were worth mentioning.

  • VizzieBee
    VizzieBee  +605

    I stumbled upon the demo of this game ages ago. Honestly, I thought it was some sort of fever dream my brain cooked up from sleep deprivation. Apparently, the talking vegatables were real.

  • Aesiro13
    Aesiro13  +283

    Hot take: Monika would actually be a nice person to date. Sure, she's a bit "clingy", but she's a nice person with a passion for literature.

  • Rami Yaacoub

    Another clue pointing at the main character being baba yaga is his ability to control the weather and instill rain and hunger. Especially in the ending where he leaves the cabin to spread his wrath, the storm ends up following him

  • Pokecat
    Pokecat  +215

    “Talking vegetables!”

  • Xander Pearson

    1. We’re a cannibal

  • Technicola
    Technicola  +696

    Hey everyone at Team Theorist, I doubt you’ll see this, but I just wanted to thank you. I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety for over a year now, and your videos always cheer me up. I’ve been watching since like fifth grade, and just- your channels mean the world to me. 💜

  • Sydney A
    Sydney A  +59

    I always thought the “chicken bone” found with the tiny sock was actually Razael(?)’s baby corpse. The reference to Baba Yaga was something I hadn’t even considered!

  • Lucie Vašáková

    I'ts nice to see stories of my childhood being represented in a video game. I'm from a slavic country so most of the lore stuff involving slavic legends he said are common knowledge here. Since they are folk tales told to children from pretty young age. Like: if you don't come home before six polednice(noonday witch) will come eat you and stuff. Now I'm realizing a lot of them are quite terrifying for young children lol

  • Silver Cat

    Fun fact : Baba Yaga has a Bone leg, so she is technically a person, who transfer souls from the world of living to the world of dead

  • Niko L
    Niko L  +3

    Fun side note: Zakopane means "buried" in Polish

  • Absbor Phamtusin