Game Theory: Sonic Will ALWAYS Lose To Mario!

  • Publicado el 28 ene 2022
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    We are FINALLY going to answer the question that we posed way back in part one of our contest between Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games. So far, things have not been shaping up for our speedy friend. Will today be the day Sonic BEATS Mario? Or will Mario somehow come out with the gold medal? On your marks... get set... press PLAY!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick, Tom Robinson and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Daniel Zemke
    Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Comentarios • 7 361

  • Daniel Torres Díaz

    Love how the title and the thumbnail contradict each other so directly

  • Chord
    Chord  +3

    MatPat: ''Mario Can't Win!''

  • Judo
    Judo  +1

    Matpat: "Mario Can't Win"

  • Roblox Filmerbro

    Matpat: “Sonic will ALWAYS lose to Mario!”

  • Parafoxl
    Parafoxl  +654

    "Sonic never played American Football so he'd lose"

  • hassunkhan
    hassunkhan  +411

    i feel like mario’s yoshi riding skills should count for something in the horse jump. mario is great at making his animals jump… and then jumping off of them but still

  • NewTheJster Jacob

    Me looking at the thumbnail and the title: “Truly Matpat has risen to a level of intellect and understanding I can no longer comprehend”

  • Cathy Grandstaff

    Honestly I think we all know Link would win the Olympics. He has archery, high diving, equestrianism, fencing and weight lifting nailed down. Even if he’s kinda cheating on that last one.

  • KZ games
    KZ games  +119

    How in the hell do you think that sonic wouldn’t wipe the floor with Mario at tennis? Did you see the table tennis sequence of the movie? Or take into account his outrageous speed?

  • smlash
    smlash  +58

    There's a reason why Mario is a "well-round"-type character and Sonic is a "speed"-type character in the character option list.

  • RedX 2104
    RedX 2104  +126

    Gotta disagree on the bowling aspect. Since Mario can remote control he would be disqualified as well rather than counted as a draw. So a point for the losing Sonic here. He still loses but hes gotta lose fair and square

  • Moon Blaze

    "Mario isn't experienced in the saddle."

  • Magenta Platinum

    "Mario can't win"

  •  🍄 Scoots20_Roblox 🍄

    MatPat: "Mario can't win"

  • Toxicfur 36

    are we going to forget that sonic runs at the speed of sound and getting closer to speed of light?

  • PorkByTheSlice

    Something I would like to point out for "Town Planning"; in the Sonic mobile game, Sonic Dash, the first area Seaside Hill Zone, there is an optional thing to unlock rewards, such as getting other characters. You build areas after defeating a certain amount of enemies and rescuing the animals that were trapped within them. Sonic is the first forced character, so you are forced to BUILD the area with him, and upgrade what you already have built. Other characters are playable by doing a few other things, but Sonic is still usable for that. Now, it doesn't show what character is building it, but he can make a house in the matter of seconds. I just wanted to point this out in case you end up making a THIRD video for some reason, and maybe the match-making could be a bit more even. He also does this throughout several different zones in the games with different areas.

  • Gnidel
    Gnidel  +24

    I wish we would get a theory related to Sonic lore instead of abilities. There's so much to dig through and those related to abilities got stale after so many times.

  • Suzy Chase

    As a synchronized swimmer who has completed 5 solos over the years I am both offended by being called a wacky event and absolutely agree it is a wacky yet amazing event!

  • KingOfTurtles

    "Mario can't win?!"

  • No No
    No No  +38

    The thing is, sonic has been stated to be faster than the speed of light some of the games. Which is supportable in the games.