Game Theory: Mommy's Secret Army (Poppy Playtime)

  • Publicado el 26 mar 2022
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    Theorists, things have been happening over in the world of Poppy Playtime. Mob Games released a new trailer for Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2 and you know I had to dissect that thing for everything I could find. From the new characters like Mommy to old favorites like Huggy and Poppy, there is a LOT to talk about. Let's go!
    Thanks to @Tericho for gathering the information for the whole fandom.
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
    Editors: AbsolutePixel, Tyler Mascola, and Jerika (NekoOnigiri)
    Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Comentarios • 11 739

  • Tericho
    Tericho  +31

    Thank you so much for the mention! Appearing on the best theory channel on ESclips is definitely the highlight of my career so far!

  • Ejouma And Friends Official

    FYI: The holes on mommy long legs limbs are reference to bendable toys having those in general. Because during the mold making process they put pins that keep the wires centered inside the toys limbs.

  • Guccifer

    The scariest thing about Poppy’s Playtime is the NFT line

  • Edgar Domingues
    Edgar Domingues Hace 14 días +828

    now that the game is out, we know that huggy is NOT the prototype. which i kinda like it better, bc it shows that there are monsters far more intelligent than huggy like mommy and the prototype itself, as mentioned in the tapes. also the spider that they mention on the tapes, i think that it might b the prototype. bc even if staff is unaware of experiments, they would recognize mommy long legs since she was a well received toy. but what about the prototype? most staff members would not know, so we can assume that it is spider-like

  • Funtime_Cipher_Animations

    Ah yes, Poppy is pulling a Circus Baby, pretending to help us escape alive but ultimately betraying us in the end.

  • AJ P
    AJ P Hace 28 días +401


  • Exultant Bloom

    I really like how y'all were able to cover the lore while still calling out the devs for their greedy tactics.

  • asioe kiou

    Thank you MatPat for exposing this company’s shady side and greed

  • ZaneMW
    ZaneMW  +623

    I’m kind of annoyed they’d shove lore into those. Making NFTs is one thing, but gatekeeping gamelore behind a limited object that is left to a fluctuating stock price is really scummy. Which is a shame cuz those are actually some of the coolest NFTs I’ve seen

  • Psychothunder9696
    Psychothunder9696 Hace 14 días +169

    Can't believe Mat was right about Poppy going yandere

  • jkbatty
    jkbatty  +822

    I just want to kudos the editors and artists for this episode. The drawn Poppy dolls are beautifully unsettling and creepy, and the subtle mouth and eye changes really bring those sections alive!

  • Linux the racoon wolf
    Linux the racoon wolf Hace un día +55

    Whenever there is a mysterious character in any game, Matpat sees one of three things

  • AloreHero

    I wonder if Matpat’s theories have caused creators to change the story of their game.

  • Absentia
    Absentia  +594

    Here's a theory: what if Poppy isn't just trying to restart the factory and create a new line of living toys, what if she's also using us to take out the old, failed ones. We took down Huggy Wuggy (as far as we know) and now we're going after Mommy Longlegs. Poppy is having us kill the threats to her goal before she starts everything again.

  • Xakimus Prime

    Actually, the small holes you find in basically any kind of bendy toy isn't for attaching accessories, it's for holding the internal wire as the rubber gets injected into the mold around it. Everything from Susan Spaghetti to Gumby has got them.

  • Izzys Cringey
    Izzys Cringey Hace 16 horas +29

    Now that chapter 2 has came out, it’s kind of cool to see the outdated theory’s and assumptions either triumph or get proven wrong! Especially the “Wuggy being 1006” theory, since it has been proven that he is not. Can’t wait till the next theory video!

  • JessBanette

    I am so thankful MatPat talked about the nfts, honestly I don't know whether or not I want to support the game because of them making the NFTS in the first place. I am here to support Game Theory though!

  • Frozentear
    Frozentear Hace un día +40

    Hey Matt, just figured I'd try to bring this to your attention. In Chapter 2, one of the slides has all of it's letters scattered on the ground. Where the letters once were are nails where they used to hang from. The first name contains 5 while the last name contains 6. The only name I could get from it is Jamie Hanoby. Could you cover this in the next Poppy Playtime Theory vid?

  • DJGrizzly

    I feel like every chapter is going to be based off of a specific phobia. Think about it. Huggy chased us through a small vent system. The chapter was even titled "A Tight Squeeze" rendering that it was meant to be claustrophobic. And chapter 2 has a big spider theme, relating to arachnaphobia. I can only hope that the other chapters will use phobias like the fear of snakes, heights, darkness, and maybe even the ocean.

  • CandidlyCapricious

    I know this means nothing, but the texture and lightening on those 3d play blocks at the beginning was clean af