Game Theory: FNAF, The Clue That ALMOST Solves Everything! (FNAF Security Breach)

  • Publicado el 18 feb 2022
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    Theorists, I am finally ready to talk about it. You know what I mean. The secret CDs from FNAF Security Breach. I've mentioned them in previous theories but I've never really TALKED about them. You see, they seem to be the key to EVERYTHING... except they aren't. Theorists, I think Five Nights at Freddy's finally broke its own lore... and maybe for good.
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
    Editors: Forrest Lee, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Pedro Freitas, Tyler Mascola, and Daniel Zemke
    Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • predxlr
    predxlr  +26

    Mat's theories and findings are so amazing that sometimes I wonder if he is a human or a robot

  • Shady Doorags

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Whether or not Scott always had everything planned out, he always made the player think he did. Every game from Scott felt like he knew the full story and you could too if you could just put the pieces of the puzzle together. That was the draw of FNaF. Security Breach is the first game that feels like it's creators didn't have the full story planned out when they made it. As if someone threw clues in the game so the player would be satisfied, but they themselves had no idea what those clues actually meant.

  • Renee Bergsma

    I always found it odd that Gregory didn't even respond to the post it room, when he responds to other places when you walk in, when this is by far the most remarkable room

  • Agent 1
    Agent 1  +520

    Don't you think it's weird how Gregory hesitated to tell Freddy his name? He responded to Freddy like he made it up on the spot.

  • audrey
    audrey  +168

    No one else is as dedicated to this lore as mat. He is the king of fnaf, truly.

  • Maja Borgan

    can we talk about how a therapist tried to tell a kid that their childhood was great when they didnt feel that way? lmao

  • TheDuke37
    TheDuke37  +152

    Security Breach is like the new Star wars trilogy. At the beginning it seemed like it was going to tell its own story; while using familiar elements to use as a sort of spring board. Then, much like star wars, it was too afraid to do anything new and kept piggy-backing on media that had come before it, and even messed with the story in some places.

  • Yeti Spaghetti

    Im not even interested in the Lore at this point, Im just impressed with MatPat keeping himself sane for so long as Scott is doing the most elaborate troll in history.

  • rollinqgirl
    rollinqgirl Hace 28 días +64

    Actually, if you ever get to see how Vanny runs/walks around, Vanny walks in avery childish way, skipping around and her arms swinging, and when Vanny jumpscares you, she spins you in a circle. Kind of childish,if you ask me. Also when we first hear Vanny in Help Wanted, she sounds a lot like how Gregory sounds in this game, like a child trying to sound like they're grown. So, it's completely possible that Vanny can be seen in a childish way, so it can make sense that the therapist talks to Patient 46 like a child and Vanny seems to express displeasure with a lot of things a child would like, much how like some kids try to seem cool by not liking those things. So yeah that theory does make a little sense.

  • Ahegaoh
    Ahegaoh  +210

    Hey Mat uhh I was wondering if you ever found it weird that one of the Security bots were dead and it's head was missing in the very beginning with a bunch of other bots around it? Have you looked into this at all?

  • Stephen George

    I don’t know if you mentioned this but the last words the crying child herd was “1 2 3”, so that also might be why there are a lot of 3s.

  • Arou The wolf studios
    Arou The wolf studios Hace 21 un día +37

    He has solved almost every thing when it comes to FNAF, except for the timeline. I'll wait.

  • Bleu_
    Bleu_ Hace 20 horas +6

    Just keep in mind that when Scott hands the company over, the lore is most likely going to continue, and it’ll be… different.

  • Hagia Sofia acem

    Matpat in 2015: "today we solve FNaF!"

  • Kimeria
    Kimeria  +60

    Can we just go back to the days where the biggest mystery was how a corpse could still be alive and moving around without a skeleton?

  • Punykirby
    Punykirby  +59


  • charminsi
    charminsi Hace 23 horas +5

    Another evidence against Patient 46 being Gregory: Patient 46's female gender was revealed in the international translations of Security Breach, where the therapists speak to her with feminine nouns. In the English version of the game, her gender is never stated.

  • nervousblanket

    "Today we end the horror. Today we solve FNAF"

  • AnimeAmber24 Playz

    The problem I'm having is the fact that even if a new character was introduced it would still have plenty of holes. If it was a new never before seen character how would they know anything about the Afton family or memories of a past life before being a robot? Why would they be so invested in the lives of this family to go so far as to reunite them? My only thoughts would be one of two options both very idiotic. 1: it is a new character but it's a character we actually know because it's the embodiment of the fnaf community, we as fans push our creators to breaking points over this family and what we want the final ending to be. We also would have to be a functional character in the storyline in order for it to make sense because it's been stated that multiple parties don't want a repeat of fnaf world in the sense of how meta and controversial it was. 2: it HAS to be someone in the Afton family there is no other way it could play out and with Elizabeth and CC ruled out it only leaves William, Micheal, and Mrs. Afton whom all would have different reasons for trying to bring back the family. I can safely rule out Mrs. Afton because we don't know anything about her character besides being a mother which would not make sense being a child, killer, manipulator, or anything else associated with the patient. This leaves Micheal and William but I also find it hard to believe Micheal would kill and manipulate after his past and realization of his goal to put things back together with his family. William on the other hand, would be more than willing to manipulate Vanessa in order to do his bidding because Gregory is obviously a threat to him. Why else would he send vanny to try and kill this kid? Why would he hunt Gregory down in the "fire" ending? As for the note room this could be a step in afton's physical therapy after being revived by vanny. As one can imagine being fit with a new body would have the need to re-learn basic motor functions like writing and drawing and as for the messages I like to think of it as a type of creepy child-killer ascetic since we know that Afton is a well established psychopath that is violently insane. This could also explain a few of the patient's odd behaviors since child-murdering might lead you to weird traits like enjoying candy and darkness. Afton would also like disguises considering his motifs and the apparent fact that he shows himself as a child to the therapists probably via use of the chips the funtimes use since Afton was the one who created them. Another point worth mentioning is I don't really know who would be giving Vanessa encrypted messages to be secretive besides Afton/Glitchtrap. Honestly I feel more on-point with the second theory I have since it has fewer holes but i'd love to hear positive and negative feedback so I can explain my thought process on a few examples.

  • ZaccCee
    ZaccCee  +3

    I’ve never played a single game in this series. Between MatPat and Markiplier I know every detail 😭