Game Theory: Dear Twitch, Grow Up!

  • Publicado el 12 feb 2022
  • We have a few corrections and clarifications to make on the content of this episode:
    - Disguised Toast DID receive a DMCA takedown resulting in a 2 Day ban. This is NOT the same takedown he planned to orchestrate on himself with the help of another streamer, which didn't end up happening as he couldn't control the timing.
    - Hasan's DMCA takedown was a fake submission. Twitch retracted the claim a few days later. He's now back to making MasterChef content.
    - We made an error when suggesting that Twitch legitimize the TV Meta using Amazon Prime, not realizing Prime Watch Parties are a thing.
    - I meant to say "month" not "year" when referring to streaming commitments.
    - The Jeff Bezos comment was meant as a joke as he is the well known Founder of Amazon, which owns and operates Twitch.
    We want to apologize for wrongly portraying parts of the situation and we hope that the sentiment can still shine through and raise awareness in-spite of our mistakes.
    For more info on the subject, check out Ludwig's breakdown video here ►ídeo.html
    Set your reminder for our LIVE FNAF Security Breach Talkback! ►ídeo.html
    Twitch is an interesting platform. Watching it grow feels very reminiscent of ESclips back in the day. So I guess that means I need to talk about it. Lately there's been a bunch of talk around people like Pokimane being banned or Ludwig getting into copyright trouble by switching over to ESclips. Theorists, it's time for old man MatPat to give some advice to the new wave of creators. Let's go!
    And don't forget to check out @Ludwig !
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick, Tom Robinson and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Ryan Foley • KingCorphish, Koen Verhagen, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Pedro Freitas
    Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Comentarios • 10 635

  • Patterrz
    Patterrz  +10

    It is interesting to think that Twitch brought it on themselves a wee bit by making contracted streamers hit huge amounts of stream hours as opposed to making the hours more flexible to allow for more unique, shorter content. Streamers with paid deals make up a tiny portion of the overall number of streamers but a higher % of them have opted to do this "react to TV shows" type of thing, probably because it's easy and fills those hours up

  • Speedbreaker

    Can we just acknowledge that after all these years MatPat is still able to use the same old picture of himself to create any facial expression imaginable for his videos

  • EWKRER Studios

    Everyone: complaining youtube is too strict and sold out

  • Fryyedlemmon

    I don’t think twitch is right for making streamers meet stupid amounts of streaming hours but I do believe that streamers shouldn’t be allowed to sit in front of a TV and “react” to someone else’s hard work and then make thousands from it

  • itsaustingreen

    It feels completely wrong to keep this up without edits

  • LlamaLord
    LlamaLord  +161

    The advance warning for dmca is very cool, it makes it feel less like a trap to take away revenue from creators, and more genuine

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    I like how a lot of big streamers have broken the rules and haven't been "permabanned" while smaller Twitch streamers get permabanned when they slip up once.

  • Justin Y With Mustache Access

    I love how this video is neither about a game, nor a theory, lol

  • Scott W
    Scott W  +367

    Claiming copyright over music being talked over is absurd. (ie streaming while you walk into a store) This should be fair use.

  • Featherlan

    I don't know how MatPat can be a YT creator with the mindset/attitude of "if Twitch just did what ESclips does, everyone would be happy" as if ESclips's system isn't it's own godawful mess for both watchers & creators

  • Jesse Gibbons

    The problem with copyright detection bots is they don't recognize instances of fair use, like parody and commentary. Commentary in particular is hard to recognize because it's all in the context.

  • No one Nowhere

    Counter argument: Corporations need to grow up and stop growing the definition of copyright arbitrarily.

  • NewOrleansGrey1

    When MatPat says: “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed,” he has officially taken his final DadPat form.

  • Azura
    Azura  +1

    There's so much of this video that is simply untrue, it's awesome. Nice disclaimer in the description that no one will read.

  • warm twinkle

    Riot Games allowed to stream first (and for some streamers 3 first) episode of Arcane on Netflix. It got hella views. It was just like watching something with the friend that you never had that shares your specific interest. I hope things like that will happen more often.

  • Ye'Ole Gaming Studio

    I'm with you on the whole Facebook ruining the word meta, smh

  • DarkWolf
    DarkWolf  +38

    I honestly think (and this is my own theory) is that Twitch doesn't truly want to do that because it would heavily lock out so many content creators if not cause Twitch to lose money because then you or the creator then has to pay to gain access to that copyright allowance so they can stream basic games. And that's the thing, the gaming side of Twitch would be hit the hardest, because game devs take dmca takedowns for their soundtracks VERY seriously.

  • MrSplicer3

    This requires Twitch to care about their creators.

  • Daniyal Ahmad

    Just another small correction, Toast wasn’t ever banned for a month. He was only banned for 24-48 hours. He just said “see you guys in a month” as a joke

  • AJ Robbins
    AJ Robbins  +512

    Ludwig had a much more realistic take on this topic. Sorry, Mat, but he knows the ecosystem better.