Game Theory: Rosalina UNMASKED pt. 2 (Super Mario Galaxy)

  • Publicado el 10 sep 2014
  • MISSED PART 1? ►►
    Was Mario 3 staged? ►►
    So based on genetics and in-game lore, it seems like Rosalina's parents MAY be Peach and Mario. But Rosalina's mother is dead, and Peach doesn't seem to be. Not to mention Rosalina and Peach look to be the exact same age. So what's the deal? Are they actually related? The answer is YES. Super Mario Galaxy explains how...even if it is a little difficult to decipher.
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  • {•Gâÿ Fïšh•}
    {•Gâÿ Fïšh•} Hace un año +2


  • Rose's are red, violet's blue

    Theory: The reason why that text wasn't in the English version was because Nintendo knew MatPat was going to make a theory about this, and they tried to avoid it and just add it in the French version so he wouldn't find it. Except it didn't work

  • Persephone Reverie
    Persephone Reverie Hace un año +2

    "Luigi without a mustache isn't real. He can't hurt you."

  • TheRavensFury :3
    TheRavensFury :3 Hace un año +1

    I was like, in the first part "What about Luigi? He seems more like the father" then the end "I WAS FLIPPING RIGHT, YES!"

  • Maxi Boy
    Maxi Boy Hace 2 años +2

    In art, Luigi strokes his mustache. Mario NEVER DOES!

  • Steek-Mün :|
    Steek-Mün :| Hace un año +385

    Matpat: finds out that Peach and Luigi are married or used to be

  • Phinneas Albrecht
    Phinneas Albrecht Hace 2 años +2

    Please don’t show me Luigi without a mustache ever again.

  • JovanVita
    JovanVita Hace 2 años +1

    Luigi: Mario never told you what happened to your father

  • JustSomeRandomArtist :3
    JustSomeRandomArtist :3 Hace 2 años +3

    Him, 4 years ago:

  • Broden Marshall
    Broden Marshall Hace un año +585

    “Rosalinas brother has a green hat”

  • Nathanael Thompson
    Nathanael Thompson Hace 2 años +431

    Something that just came to mind watching this: When you do the final Bowser level as Luigi, compare how Rosalina says "Go Luigi!" compared to "Go Mario!" The difference in enthusiasm definitely is another subtle support of the theory that Luigi is her dad.

  • Riaan du Plessis
    Riaan du Plessis Hace un año +163

    You revealing Nintendo's secrets have secured your name on top of their hitlist.

  • Dog8116
    Dog8116 Hace 3 años +1

    I wonder if Nintendo is watching this and laughing

  • Joseph Pentony
    Joseph Pentony Hace 2 años +153

    Rosalina could also somehow be immortal, which explains how she has knowledge of how the timelines work.

  • Angel Chan
    Angel Chan Hace 3 años +822

    I used to think Rosalina and Peach were sisters but after this I yeeted them being sisters out the window

  • The Neierlings
    The Neierlings Hace un año +108

    Rosalina’s actual dad is Luigi. A single dad raising her star child with Peach dead under the tree.

  • cresun
    cresun Hace 2 años +110

    This all actually made logical sense. I'm impressed that Nintendo went to this extent encrypting a hidden story within a Mario game. That's some serious intellectual and emotional depth...

  • Stabby_ Vanny
    Stabby_ Vanny Hace un año +81

    who else feels like they accomplished something watching these

  • Douglas Taylor
    Douglas Taylor Hace 5 años +4

    These guys need to be lawyers. They'd dance circles around any crime.

  • KingOreo2017
    KingOreo2017 Hace 2 años +160

    i love it how he talks about his french teacher watching him screw up french but then right after says it in a "sexy" accent